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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Walking Tall

Walking Tall

Release Date: 2004-04-02 (17 years ago)
Dwayne Johnson
Chris Vaughn
Dwayne Johnson was:
Johnny Knoxville
Ray Templeton
Johnny Knoxville was:
Neal McDonough
Jay Hamilton
Neal McDonough was:
Kristen Wilson
Michelle Vaughn
Kristen Wilson was:
Cobie Smulders
Exotic Beauty
Cobie Smulders was:
Michael Bowen
Sheriff Stan Watkins
Michael Bowen was:
Ashley Scott
Ashley Scott was:
Kevin Durand
Kevin Durand was:
John Beasley
Chris Vaughn Sr.
John Beasley was:
Barbara Tarbuck
Connie Vaughn
Barbara Tarbuck was:
Khleo Thomas
Pete Vaughn
Khleo Thomas was:
Andrew Tarbet
Andrew Tarbet was:
Patrick Gallagher
Patrick Gallagher was:
John Stewart
John Stewart was:
Eric Breker
Deputy Ralston
Eric Breker was:
Ryan Robbins
Ryan Robbins was:
Michael Adamthwaite
Michael Adamthwaite was:
Darcy Laurie
Darcy Laurie was:
Fred Keating
Fred Keating was:
Ben Cardinal
Michele's Partner
Ben Cardinal was:
Kett Turton
Kett Turton was:
Terence Kelly
Judge L. Powell
Terence Kelly was:
Tom Scholte
Merle Crowe
Tom Scholte was:
Mark Houghton
County Prosecutor
Mark Houghton was:
James Ashcroft
James Ashcroft was:
Eric Keenleyside
Dan Stadler
Eric Keenleyside was:
Aaron Douglas
Casino Stickman
Aaron Douglas was:
Michael Soltis
Casino Maintenance Worker
Michael Soltis was:
April Telek
Casino Waitress
April Telek was:
Sandra Steier
Addict Mother
Sandra Steier was:
Ben Cotton
Drug Dealer
Ben Cotton was:
Chelsie Amber McEachnie
Lap Dancer
Chelsie Amber McEachnie was:
Kaja Gjesdal
Lap Dancer
Kaja Gjesdal was:
Melody Cherpaw
Lap Dancer
Melody Cherpaw was:
Alana Drozduke
Casino Trashy Woman
Alana Drozduke was:
Sandra Higueras
Casino Trashy Woman
Sandra Higueras was:
Ty Olsson
Ty Olsson was:
Ana Mirkovic
Blackjack Dealer
Ana Mirkovic was:
David Purvis
Ray's AA Sponsor
David Purvis was:
Beverley Elliott
Beverley Elliott was:
Rita Edwards
Wet T-Shirt Girl
Rita Edwards was:
Sarah Smith
Wet T-Shirt Girl
Sarah Smith was:
Douglas Sheridan
Douglas Sheridan was:
Katina Robillard
Dollar Bill Girl
Katina Robillard was:
Jacqueline Stewart
Girl on Platform
Jacqueline Stewart was:
Artine Brown
Casino Security
Artine Brown was:
Sandra-Jessica Couturier
Casino VIP
Sandra-Jessica Couturier was:
Mike Dopud
Casino Security
Mike Dopud was:
Levi Woods
Casino VIP
Levi Woods was:
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