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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Iron Sky

Iron Sky

Release Date: 2012-03-10 (9 years ago)
Julia Dietze
Renate Richter
Julia Dietze was:
Christopher Kirby
James Washington
Christopher Kirby was:
Götz Otto
Klaus Adler
Götz Otto was:
Udo Kier
Wolfgang Kortzfleisch
Udo Kier was:
Peta Sergeant
Vivian Wagner
Peta Sergeant was:
Stephanie Paul
Jenna Bush
Stephanie Paul was:
Tilo Prückner
Doctor Richter
Tilo Prückner was:
Michael Cullen
Secretary of Defence
Michael Cullen was:
Kym Jackson
Julia McLennan
Kym Jackson was:
Ben Siemer
Ben Siemer was:
Tom Hoßbach
Tom Hoßbach was:
Milo Kaukomaa
Milo Kaukomaa was:
Vivian Schneider
Vivian Schneider was:
Fang Yu
Chinese Representative
Fang Yu was:
Irshad Panjatan
Indian Representative
Irshad Panjatan was:
Claus Wilcke
Russian Representative
Claus Wilcke was:
Samir Fuchs
Middle East Representative
Samir Fuchs was:
Monika Gossmann
Monika Gossmann was:
Jessica Veurman-Betts
Hippie Gal
Jessica Veurman-Betts was:
Mark Mineart
Male Detective
Mark Mineart was:
George Koutros
Neo Nazi #1
George Koutros was:
Dieter Gring
Pilot #1
Dieter Gring was:
Harald Koch
Pilot #2
Harald Koch was:
James Quinn
James Quinn was:
Yuki Iwamoto
Japanese Representative
Yuki Iwamoto was:
Jeffrey Coulas
English Representative
Jeffrey Coulas was:
Nick Dong-Sik
North Korean Representative
Nick Dong-Sik was:
Ramin Yazdani
Pakistani Representative
Ramin Yazdani was:
Tero Kaukomaa
Finnish Representative
Tero Kaukomaa was:
Martin Grelis
2nd GWB Officer
Martin Grelis was:
Andrew Buchanan
3rd GWB Officer
Andrew Buchanan was:
Eugene Schlusser
Nazi General
Eugene Schlusser was:
Jim Knobeloch
Nazi Weapons Officer
Jim Knobeloch was:
Lisa Zoe Bräutigam
Lisa Zoe Bräutigam was:
Oskar Mahler
Old Man
Oskar Mahler was:
Kristina Walter
Old Woman
Kristina Walter was:
Brett Molloy
Uwe the Pilot
Brett Molloy was:
Chelsea Cunningham
Catwalk Model
Chelsea Cunningham was:
Alois Moyo
NYC Taxi Driver
Alois Moyo was:
Ryan Provost
Segway Cop
Ryan Provost was:
Jorres Risse
Imperial SS Trooper
Jorres Risse was:
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