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Poster of Barbershop 2: Back in Business

Barbershop 2: Back in Business

Release Date: Tuesday, January 20 2004 (18 years ago)
Portrait of Ice CubeIce Cube
Ice Cube was:
Portrait of Cedric the EntertainerCedric the Entertainer
Cedric the Entertainer was:
Portrait of Eve Jeffers CooperEve Jeffers Cooper
Eve Jeffers Cooper was:
Portrait of Sean Patrick ThomasSean Patrick Thomas
Sean Patrick Thomas was:
Portrait of Troy GarityTroy Garity
Troy Garity was:
Portrait of Michael EalyMichael Ealy
Michael Ealy was:
Portrait of Queen LatifahQueen Latifah
Queen Latifah was:
Portrait of Jazsmin LewisJazsmin Lewis
Jazsmin Lewis was:
Portrait of Leonard Earl HowzeLeonard Earl Howze
Leonard Earl Howze was:
Portrait of Harry LennixHarry Lennix
Quentin Leroux
Harry Lennix was:
Portrait of Kenan ThompsonKenan Thompson
Kenan Thompson was:
Portrait of Garcelle BeauvaisGarcelle Beauvais
Garcelle Beauvais was:
Portrait of Robert WisdomRobert Wisdom
Alderman Brown
Robert Wisdom was:
Portrait of Carl WrightCarl Wright
Checkers Fred
Carl Wright was:
Portrait of DeRay DavisDeRay Davis
Hustle Guy
DeRay Davis was:
Portrait of Keke PalmerKeke Palmer
Gina's Niece
Keke Palmer was:
Portrait of Julanne Chidi HillJulanne Chidi Hill
Julanne Chidi Hill was:
Portrait of Linara WashingtonLinara Washington
Linara Washington was:
Portrait of Marcia WrightMarcia Wright
Marcia Wright was:
Portrait of Jackie TaylorJackie Taylor
Miss Emma
Jackie Taylor was:
Portrait of Parvesh CheenaParvesh Cheena
Parvesh Cheena was:
Portrait of Deon ColeDeon Cole
Customer Dante
Deon Cole was:
Portrait of Tom WrightTom Wright
Detective Williams
Tom Wright was:
Portrait of Tiffany L. AddisonTiffany L. Addison
Attractive Female
Tiffany L. Addison was:
Portrait of Tamara AndersonTamara Anderson
Customer Jiwanda
Tamara Anderson was:
Portrait of Mike McNamaraMike McNamara
Mike McNamara was:
Portrait of AvantAvant
Avant was:
Portrait of Tai'isha DavisTai'isha Davis
Nappy Cuts Video Female
Tai'isha Davis was:
Portrait of T'Shaun BarrettT'Shaun Barrett
Nappy Cuts Video Male
T'Shaun Barrett was:
Portrait of Talia TomsTalia Toms
Talia Toms was:
Portrait of Janina GavankarJanina Gavankar
Field Reporter
Janina Gavankar was:
Portrait of Vanessa FractionVanessa Fraction
Vanessa Fraction was:
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