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Declaration of Love to G.T.

Declaration of Love to G.T.

Release Date: 1971-06-02 (49 years ago)
Ewa Krzyżewska
Gisa Tonius
Ewa Krzyżewska was:
Jürgen Frohriep
Werner Tonius
Jürgen Frohriep was:
Herwart Grosse
Professor Ebert
Herwart Grosse was:
Traudl Kulikowsky
Annette Haferkorn
Traudl Kulikowsky was:
Holger Mahlich
Bernd Stübener
Holger Mahlich was:
Erika Pelikowsky
Professor Bergholz
Erika Pelikowsky was:
Erik S. Klein
General Director Reinicke
Erik S. Klein was:
Otto Dierichs
Old Berger
Otto Dierichs was:
Klaus-Peter Thiele
Klaus-Peter Thiele was:
Jörg Knochée
Jörg Knochée was:
Karin Beewen
Karin Beewen was:
Zhanna Bolotova
Zhanna Bolotova was:
Annette Ebrecht
Annette Ebrecht was:
Peter Festersen
Driver of Tatra
Peter Festersen was:
Martin Flörchinger
Professor Henrici
Martin Flörchinger was:
Aleksandr Khvylya
Professor Lischkow
Aleksandr Khvylya was:
Walter Jupé
Dr. Ledig
Walter Jupé was:
Viktor Kolpakov
Old Man
Viktor Kolpakov was:
Agnes Kraus
Frau Götze
Agnes Kraus was:
Lotte Loebinger
Frau Prestin
Lotte Loebinger was:
Yelena Maksimova
Old Woman
Yelena Maksimova was:
Burkhard Mann
Burkhard Mann was:
Semyon Morozov
Semyon Morozov was:
Claudia Poppe
Sabine Tonius
Claudia Poppe was:
Vsevolod Safonov
Site Manager
Vsevolod Safonov was:
Traute Sense
Fräulein Schulze
Traute Sense was:
Yevgeni Zharikov
Yevgeni Zharikov was:
Margarita Volodina
Margarita Volodina was:
Harald Warmbrunn
Harald Warmbrunn was:
Thomas Weisgerber
Dr. Fischer
Thomas Weisgerber was:
Dieter Wien
Dr. Müller
Dieter Wien was:
Günter Wolf
Heinz Gerber
Günter Wolf was:
Arno Wyzniewski
Arno Wyzniewski was:
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