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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Third Will

The Third Will

Release Date: Sunday, March 31 1963 (59 years ago)
Portrait of Ayako WakaoAyako Wakao
Fumino Hamada
Ayako Wakao was:
Portrait of Miwa TakadaMiwa Takada
Hinako Yajima
Miwa Takada was:
Portrait of Yachiyo OtoriYachiyo Otori
Yachiyo Otori was:
Portrait of Machiko KyōMachiko Kyō
Fujiyo Yajima
Machiko Kyō was:
Portrait of Jirō TamiyaJirō Tamiya
Jirō Tamiya was:
Portrait of Ganjirô Nakamura IIGanjirô Nakamura II
Ganjirô Nakamura II was:
Portrait of Chieko NaniwaChieko Naniwa
Chieko Naniwa was:
Portrait of Tanie KitabayashiTanie Kitabayashi
Tanie Kitabayashi was:
Portrait of Teruko OmiTeruko Omi
Teruko Omi was:
Portrait of Makoto TakagiriMakoto Takagiri
Makoto Takagiri was:
Portrait of Tatsuo EndōTatsuo Endō
Tatsuo Endō was:
Portrait of Taizō FukamiTaizō Fukami
Taizō Fukami was:
Portrait of Shinjirô AsanoShinjirô Asano
Doctor Sakagami
Shinjirô Asano was:
Portrait of San'emon ArashiSan'emon Arashi
San'emon Arashi was:
Portrait of Yoshito YamajiYoshito Yamaji
Yoshito Yamaji was:
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