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Poster of The Invisible Man Appears

The Invisible Man Appears

Release Date: Monday, September 26 1949 (72 years ago)
Portrait of Ryūnosuke TsukigataRyūnosuke Tsukigata
Kenzô Nakazato
Ryūnosuke Tsukigata was:
Portrait of Chizuru KitagawaChizuru Kitagawa
Machiko Nakazato
Chizuru Kitagawa was:
Portrait of Takiko MizunoeTakiko Mizunoe
Ryûko Mizuki
Takiko Mizunoe was:
Portrait of Daijirō NatsukawaDaijirō Natsukawa
Kyôsuke Segi
Daijirō Natsukawa was:
Portrait of Mitsusaburō RamonMitsusaburō Ramon
Inspector Matsubara
Mitsusaburō Ramon was:
Portrait of Shôsaku SugiyamaShôsaku Sugiyama
Ichirô Kawabe
Shôsaku Sugiyama was:
Portrait of Kanji KoshibaKanji Koshiba
Shunji Kurokawa
Kanji Koshiba was:
Portrait of Kichijirô UedaKichijirô Ueda
Otoji Sugimoto
Kichijirô Ueda was:
Portrait of Hiroshi UedaHiroshi Ueda
Nagayoshi Tanimoto
Hiroshi Ueda was:
Portrait of Shōzō NanbuShōzō Nanbu
Umeo Miyazawa
Shōzō Nanbu was:
Portrait of Shinobu ArakiShinobu Araki
Yoshihira Hatanaka
Shinobu Araki was:
Portrait of Saburo DateSaburo Date
Keizô Sasatani
Saburo Date was:
Portrait of Tominosuke HayamaTominosuke Hayama
Tominosuke Hayama was:
Portrait of Jun FujikawaJun Fujikawa
Jun Fujikawa was:
Portrait of Sôji ShibataSôji Shibata
Sôji Shibata was:
Portrait of Takeo YanoTakeo Yano
Takeo Yano was:
Portrait of Ikkei TamakiIkkei Tamaki
Ikkei Tamaki was:
Portrait of Takehiro YuasaTakehiro Yuasa
Takehiro Yuasa was:
Portrait of Tsuneo KatagiriTsuneo Katagiri
Tsuneo Katagiri was:
Portrait of Akira ShimizuAkira Shimizu
Akira Shimizu was:
Portrait of Michio YuriMichio Yuri
Michio Yuri was:
Portrait of Akira ShigaAkira Shiga
Akira Shiga was:
Portrait of Kyo TakigawaKyo Takigawa
Kyo Takigawa was:
Portrait of Saburo GodaSaburo Goda
Saburo Goda was:
Portrait of Tomoya YamadaTomoya Yamada
Tomoya Yamada was:
Portrait of Teruko OmiTeruko Omi
Teruko Omi was:
Portrait of Tomoko TakaharaTomoko Takahara
Tomoko Takahara was:
Portrait of Namiko RokujoNamiko Rokujo
Namiko Rokujo was:
Portrait of Yoko UenoYoko Ueno
Yoko Ueno was:
Portrait of Hinako FujiwaraHinako Fujiwara
Hinako Fujiwara was:
Portrait of Nobuko ShirakiNobuko Shiraki
Nobuko Shiraki was:
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