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Poster of Ghost of Saga Mansion

Ghost of Saga Mansion

Release Date: Thursday, January 1 1953 (69 years ago)
Portrait of Kōtarō BandōKōtarō Bandō
Kōtarō Bandō was:
Portrait of Yôko WakasugiYôko Wakasugi
Yôko Wakasugi was:
Portrait of Teruko OmiTeruko Omi
Teruko Omi was:
Portrait of Kikue MōriKikue Mōri
Kikue Mōri was:
Portrait of Shintarō NanjōShintarō Nanjō
Shintarō Nanjō was:
Portrait of Shôsaku SugiyamaShôsaku Sugiyama
Shôsaku Sugiyama was:
Portrait of Kunitaro SawamuraKunitaro Sawamura
Kunitaro Sawamura was:
Portrait of Chieko NaniwaChieko Naniwa
Chieko Naniwa was:
Portrait of Takako IrieTakako Irie
Takako Irie was:
Portrait of Shinobu ArakiShinobu Araki
Shinobu Araki was:
Portrait of Kōichi KatsuragiKōichi Katsuragi
Kōichi Katsuragi was:
Portrait of Eigorô OnoeEigorô Onoe
Eigorô Onoe was:
Portrait of Tominosuke HayamaTominosuke Hayama
Tominosuke Hayama was:
Portrait of Fumihiko YokoyamaFumihiko Yokoyama
Fumihiko Yokoyama was:
Portrait of Jun FujikawaJun Fujikawa
Jun Fujikawa was:
Portrait of Ikkei TamakiIkkei Tamaki
Ikkei Tamaki was:
Portrait of Ryuji FukuiRyuji Fukui
Ryuji Fukui was:
Portrait of Masayoshi KikunoMasayoshi Kikuno
Masayoshi Kikuno was:
Portrait of Shigeru HasegawaShigeru Hasegawa
Shigeru Hasegawa was:
Portrait of Shiro OsakiShiro Osaki
Shiro Osaki was:
Portrait of Kôji NanbaraKôji Nanbara
Kôji Nanbara was:
Portrait of Kazuko FushimiKazuko Fushimi
Ryuuzouji Fuyu
Kazuko Fushimi was:
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