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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion

Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion

Release Date: 1950-08-05 (71 years ago)
Bud Abbott
Bud Jones
Bud Abbott was:
Lou Costello
Lou Hotchkiss
Lou Costello was:
Patricia Medina
Nicole Dupre
Patricia Medina was:
Walter Slezak
Sgt. Axmann
Walter Slezak was:
Douglass Dumbrille
Sheik Hamud El Khalid
Douglass Dumbrille was:
Leon Belasco
Leon Belasco was:
Marc Lawrence
Marc Lawrence was:
William 'Wee Willie' Davis
William 'Wee Willie' Davis was:
Tor Johnson
Abou Ben
Tor Johnson was:
Sammy Menacker
Bertram the Magnificent
Sammy Menacker was:
Jack Raymond
Ali Ami
Jack Raymond was:
Fred Nurney
Fred Nurney was:
Paul Fierro
Paul Fierro was:
Henry Corden
Henry Corden was:
Eric Alden
Arab (uncredited)
Eric Alden was:
Bobby Barber
Arab on Jeep's Hood (uncredited)
Bobby Barber was:
Baynes Barron
Orderly (uncredited)
Baynes Barron was:
Guy Beach
Saleem with False Teeth (uncredited)
Guy Beach was:
Barry Brooks
Private (uncredited)
Barry Brooks was:
Candy Candido
Skeleton (uncredited) (voice)
Candy Candido was:
Jeff Chandler
Narrator (uncredited) (voice)
Jeff Chandler was:
John Cliff
Lieutenant (uncredited)
John Cliff was:
Jack Davidson
Thug (uncredited)
Jack Davidson was:
Bob Evans
Corporal (uncredited)
Bob Evans was:
David Gorcey
Newsboy (uncredited)
David Gorcey was:
Chuck Hamilton
Thug (uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton was:
Charmienne Harker
Arab Girl (uncredited)
Charmienne Harker was:
Ted Hecht
Arab Proprietor (uncredited)
Ted Hecht was:
George Magrill
Corporal (uncredited)
George Magrill was:
Frank Malet
Corporal (uncredited)
Frank Malet was:
Ernesto Molinari
Thug (uncredited)
Ernesto Molinari was:
Alberto Morin
Lieutenant (uncredited)
Alberto Morin was:
Peter Ortiz
Corporal (uncredited)
Peter Ortiz was:
Ann Robinson
Bathing Suit Girl in Mirage (uncredited)
Ann Robinson was:
Buddy Roosevelt
Orderly (uncredited)
Buddy Roosevelt was:
Jack Roper
Guard (uncredited)
Jack Roper was:
Dan Seymour
Josef (uncredited)
Dan Seymour was:
Mahmud Shaikhaly
Referee (uncredited)
Mahmud Shaikhaly was:
Jack Shutta
Thug (uncredited)
Jack Shutta was:
Harry Wilson
Thug (uncredited)
Harry Wilson was:
Guy Zanette
Corporal (uncredited)
Guy Zanette was:
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