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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of 2 Fast 2 Furious

2 Fast 2 Furious

Release Date: Thursday, June 5 2003 (19 years ago)
Portrait of Paul WalkerPaul Walker
Brian O'Conner
Paul Walker was:
Portrait of Tyrese GibsonTyrese Gibson
Roman Pearce
Tyrese Gibson was:
Portrait of Eva MendesEva Mendes
Monica Fuentes
Eva Mendes was:
Portrait of LudacrisLudacris
Tej Parker
Ludacris was:
Portrait of Cole HauserCole Hauser
Carter Verone
Cole Hauser was:
Portrait of James RemarJames Remar
Agent Markham
James Remar was:
Portrait of Devon AokiDevon Aoki
Devon Aoki was:
Portrait of Thom BarryThom Barry
Agent Bilkins
Thom Barry was:
Portrait of Amaury NolascoAmaury Nolasco
Orange Julius
Amaury Nolasco was:
Portrait of Michael EalyMichael Ealy
Slap Jack
Michael Ealy was:
Portrait of Jin Au-YeungJin Au-Yeung
Jin Au-Yeung was:
Portrait of Mark Boone JuniorMark Boone Junior
Detective Whitworth
Mark Boone Junior was:
Portrait of Mo GalliniMo Gallini
Mo Gallini was:
Portrait of Roberto 'Sanz' SanchezRoberto 'Sanz' Sanchez
Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez was:
Portrait of John CenatiempoJohn Cenatiempo
John Cenatiempo was:
Portrait of Eric EtebariEric Etebari
Eric Etebari was:
Portrait of Neal H. MoritzNeal H. Moritz
Swerving Cop
Neal H. Moritz was:
Portrait of Edward FinlayEdward Finlay
Agent Dunn
Edward Finlay was:
Portrait of Troy BrownTroy Brown
Paul Hackett
Troy Brown was:
Portrait of Corey Michael EubanksCorey Michael Eubanks
Max Campisi
Corey Michael Eubanks was:
Portrait of Sammy MaloofSammy Maloof
Joe Osborne
Sammy Maloof was:
Portrait of Troy RobinsonTroy Robinson
Feliz Vispone
Troy Robinson was:
Portrait of Sincerely A. WardSincerely A. Ward
Slap Jack's Girlfriend
Sincerely A. Ward was:
Portrait of Nievecita DubuqueNievecita Dubuque
Suki's Girl
Nievecita Dubuque was:
Portrait of Mateo HerrerosMateo Herreros
Mateo Herreros was:
Portrait of Kerry RossallKerry Rossall
Police Chase Cop
Kerry Rossall was:
Portrait of Marc MacaulayMarc Macaulay
Marc Macaulay was:
Portrait of Tony BolanoTony Bolano
Tony Bolano was:
Portrait of Marianne M. ArreagaMarianne M. Arreaga
Police Chopper Pilot
Marianne M. Arreaga was:
Portrait of Tara CarrollTara Carroll
Tara Carroll was:
Portrait of Tamara JonesTamara Jones
Customs Technician
Tamara Jones was:
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