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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Pee-wee's Big Holiday

Pee-wee's Big Holiday

Release Date: 2016-03-15 (5 years ago)
Diane Salinger
Penny King
Diane Salinger was:
Brad William Henke
Grizzly Bear Daniels
Brad William Henke was:
Leo Fitzpatrick
Leo Fitzpatrick was:
Christopher Heyerdahl
Christopher Heyerdahl was:
Alan R. Rodriguez
New York City Policeman
Alan R. Rodriguez was:
Michael Pauley
Guy who bumps into Pee-wee (as Michael R. Pauley)
Michael Pauley was:
Joseph Mancuso
Pizzeria Employee
Joseph Mancuso was:
David Arquette
David Arquette was:
Janina Gavankar
Party Guest
Janina Gavankar was:
Kelly Bush Novak
Party Guest
Kelly Bush Novak was:
Taymour Ghazi
Party Guest
Taymour Ghazi was:
Nicole Sullivan
Nicole Sullivan was:
Robert Broski
Abraham Lincoln
Robert Broski was:
Pamela Mant
Pamela Mant was:
Thea Andrews
TV Reporter
Thea Andrews was:
John Paragon
TV Cameraman
John Paragon was:
Charles Robinson
Police Captain (as Charlie Robinson)
Charles Robinson was:
Michael Acosta
Extra (uncredited)
Michael Acosta was:
Vanessa Alameda
Jailbird (uncredited)
Vanessa Alameda was:
Maya Nalli
Maya Nalli was:
Deon Aumaier
Man with Toupee (uncredited)
Deon Aumaier was:
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