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Poster of The Wolverine

The Wolverine

Release Date: Tuesday, July 23 2013 (9 years ago)
Portrait of Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman
Logan / Wolverine
Hugh Jackman was:
Portrait of Tao OkamotoTao Okamoto
Mariko Yashida / Scarlet Samurai
Tao Okamoto was:
Portrait of Rila FukushimaRila Fukushima
Yukio / Pinkie Pie
Rila Fukushima was:
Portrait of Hiroyuki SanadaHiroyuki Sanada
Shingen Harada / Lord Shingen
Hiroyuki Sanada was:
Portrait of Famke JanssenFamke Janssen
Jean Grey
Famke Janssen was:
Portrait of Svetlana KhodchenkovaSvetlana Khodchenkova
Madame Hydra / Viper
Svetlana Khodchenkova was:
Portrait of Brian TeeBrian Tee
Noburo Mori
Brian Tee was:
Portrait of Hal YamanouchiHal Yamanouchi
Ichiro Yashida / Silver Samurai
Hal Yamanouchi was:
Portrait of Will Yun LeeWill Yun Lee
Will Yun Lee was:
Portrait of Ken YamamuraKen Yamamura
Young Yashida
Ken Yamamura was:
Portrait of Nobutaka AoyagiNobutaka Aoyagi
Nobutaka Aoyagi was:
Portrait of Seiji FunamotoSeiji Funamoto
Seiji Funamoto was:
Portrait of Shinji IkefujiShinji Ikefuji
Shinji Ikefuji was:
Portrait of Qyoko KudoQyoko Kudo
Qyoko Kudo was:
Portrait of Nobuaki KakudaNobuaki Kakuda
Buddhist Priest
Nobuaki Kakuda was:
Portrait of Chiharu MizunoChiharu Mizuno
Old Woman
Chiharu Mizuno was:
Portrait of Takao KinoshitaTakao Kinoshita
Fruit Cart Vendor
Takao Kinoshita was:
Portrait of Conrad ColebyConrad Coleby
Red Beard
Conrad Coleby was:
Portrait of Taris TylerTaris Tyler
Bar Man (Red Beard's Friend)
Taris Tyler was:
Portrait of Sarah Naylor-LiddellSarah Naylor-Liddell
Yukon Bar Patron
Sarah Naylor-Liddell was:
Portrait of Joshua RemiltonJoshua Remilton
Yukon Bar Patron / Man Near Bar
Joshua Remilton was:
Portrait of Andy OwensAndy Owens
Yukon Bar Patron
Andy Owens was:
Portrait of Allan PoppletonAllan Poppleton
Yukon Bar Patron
Allan Poppleton was:
Portrait of Geoff BurkeGeoff Burke
Geoff Burke was:
Portrait of Yasuyo ShibaYasuyo Shiba
Reporter 1
Yasuyo Shiba was:
Portrait of Mai IshikawaMai Ishikawa
Reporter 2
Mai Ishikawa was:
Portrait of Yaeko KimuraYaeko Kimura
Yaeko Kimura was:
Portrait of Ryuta KimuraRyuta Kimura
Ryuta Kimura was:
Portrait of Briden StarrBriden Starr
Party Girl 1
Briden Starr was:
Portrait of Maria LukashevaMaria Lukasheva
Party Girl 2
Maria Lukasheva was:
Portrait of Tess HaubrichTess Haubrich
Tess Haubrich was:
Portrait of Taki AbeTaki Abe
Japanese Businessman
Taki Abe was:
Portrait of William Takayanagi-TemmWilliam Takayanagi-Temm
Tower Guard
William Takayanagi-Temm was:
Portrait of Kuni HashimotoKuni Hashimoto
Lead Officer
Kuni Hashimoto was:
Portrait of Erich Chikashi LinzbichlerErich Chikashi Linzbichler
Senior Officer at POW Camp
Erich Chikashi Linzbichler was:
Portrait of Shingo UsamiShingo Usami
Shingo Usami was:
Portrait of Naoya OgawaNaoya Ogawa
Yakuza 1
Naoya Ogawa was:
Portrait of Atsushi SawadaAtsushi Sawada
Yakuza 2
Atsushi Sawada was:
Portrait of Takashi MatsuyamaTakashi Matsuyama
Yakuza 3
Takashi Matsuyama was:
Portrait of Masa YamaguchiMasa Yamaguchi
Yakuza 4
Masa Yamaguchi was:
Portrait of Eric LacisteEric Laciste
Yakuza 5
Eric Laciste was:
Portrait of Hideki SugiguchiHideki Sugiguchi
Yakuza 6
Hideki Sugiguchi was:
Portrait of Garret SatoGarret Sato
Dying Yakuza
Garret Sato was:
Portrait of Kosuke MasanoKosuke Masano
Army Officer 1
Kosuke Masano was:
Portrait of Yoji TatsutaYoji Tatsuta
Army Officer 2
Yoji Tatsuta was:
Portrait of Yoshinori FukushigeYoshinori Fukushige
Train Commuter
Yoshinori Fukushige was:
Portrait of Hiroshi KasugaHiroshi Kasuga
Yashida Security Guard
Hiroshi Kasuga was:
Portrait of Yumiko NakamuraYumiko Nakamura
Mariko Staff
Yumiko Nakamura was:
Portrait of KimiKimi
Kimi was:
Portrait of Keiko MatsumotoKeiko Matsumoto
Keiko Matsumoto was:
Portrait of Louis Toshio OkadaLouis Toshio Okada
Pat Down Guy
Louis Toshio Okada was:
Portrait of Ian McKellenIan McKellen
Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto (uncredited)
Ian McKellen was:
Portrait of Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
Charles Xavier / Professor X (uncredited)
Patrick Stewart was:
Portrait of Jon ValeraJon Valera
Killer (uncredited)
Jon Valera was:
Portrait of Yasushi AsayaYasushi Asaya
Yakuza (uncredited)
Yasushi Asaya was:
Portrait of Jeremy MarinasJeremy Marinas
Yakuza (uncredited)
Jeremy Marinas was:
Portrait of Ola EndressOla Endress
Mutant (uncredited)
Ola Endress was:
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