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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Karate Kid Part II

The Karate Kid Part II

Release Date: 1986-06-18 (34 years ago)
Ralph Macchio
Daniel LaRusso
Ralph Macchio was:
Pat Morita
Mr. Miyagi
Pat Morita was:
Danny Kamekona
Sato Toguchi
Danny Kamekona was:
Nobu McCarthy
Nobu McCarthy was:
Yuji Okumoto
Chozen Toguchi
Yuji Okumoto was:
Tamlyn Tomita
Tamlyn Tomita was:
Martin Kove
John Kreese
Martin Kove was:
William Zabka
Johnny Lawrence
William Zabka was:
Chad McQueen
Chad McQueen was:
Tony O'Dell
Tony O'Dell was:
Ron Thomas
Bobby Brown
Ron Thomas was:
Rob Garrison
Rob Garrison was:
Pat E. Johnson
Pat E. Johnson was:
Bruce Malmuth
Bruce Malmuth was:
Eddie Smith
Eddie Smith was:
Garth Johnson
Autograph Fan
Garth Johnson was:
Brett Johnson
Autograph Fan
Brett Johnson was:
Will Hunt
Will Hunt was:
Evan James
Cab Driver
Evan James was:
Lee Arnone
Lee Arnone was:
Joey Miyashima
Joey Miyashima was:
Raymond Ma
Cab Driver in Okinawa
Raymond Ma was:
George O'Hanlon Jr.
George O'Hanlon Jr. was:
Charlie Tanimoto
Miyagi's Father
Charlie Tanimoto was:
Tsuruko Ohye
Village Woman
Tsuruko Ohye was:
Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad
Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad was:
Marc Hayashi
Marc Hayashi was:
Robert Fernandez
Robert Fernandez was:
Natalie N. Hashimoto
Kumiko's Street Friend
Natalie N. Hashimoto was:
Diana Mar
Girl in Video Store
Diana Mar was:
BD Wong
Boy on Street
BD Wong was:
Clarence Gilyard Jr.
G.I. #1
Clarence Gilyard Jr. was:
Michael Morgan
G.I. #2
Michael Morgan was:
Jack Eiseman
G.I. #3
Jack Eiseman was:
Jeffrey Rogers
G.I. #4
Jeffrey Rogers was:
Aaron Seville
G.I. #5
Aaron Seville was:
Wes Chong
Sato's Houseman
Wes Chong was:
Traci Toguchi
Girl Bell Ringer
Traci Toguchi was:
Joey Banks
Okinawa Martial Arts Class Student (uncredited)
Joey Banks was:
Antonia Franceschi
The Dancer on the Television Set (uncredited)
Antonia Franceschi was:
Randee Heller
Lucille LaRusso (archive footage) (uncredited)
Randee Heller was:
Elisabeth Shue
Ali Mills (archive footage) (uncredited)
Elisabeth Shue was:
Chris Tashima
The Rockabilly Club Dancer (uncredited)
Chris Tashima was:
Sarah Kendall
Sarah Kendall was:
Ron Pohnel
Military Student (uncredited)
Ron Pohnel was:
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