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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Come See the Paradise

Come See the Paradise

Release Date: 1990-08-17 (30 years ago)
Dennis Quaid
Jack McGurn
Dennis Quaid was:
Tamlyn Tomita
Lily Kawamura/McGann
Tamlyn Tomita was:
Sab Shimono
Sab Shimono was:
Brady Tsurutani
Frankie Kawamura
Brady Tsurutani was:
Shizuko Hoshi
Mrs. Kawamura
Shizuko Hoshi was:
Stan Egi
Charlie Kawamura
Stan Egi was:
Ronald Yamamoto
Harry Kawamura
Ronald Yamamoto was:
Akemi Nishino
Dulcie Kawamura
Akemi Nishino was:
Naomi Nakano
Joyce Kawamura
Naomi Nakano was:
Elizabeth Gilliam
Younger Mini McGann
Elizabeth Gilliam was:
Shyree Mezick
Middle Mini McGann
Shyree Mezick was:
Caroline Junko King
Older Mini McGann
Caroline Junko King was:
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Augie Farrell
Pruitt Taylor Vince was:
Colm Meaney
Gerry McGurn
Colm Meaney was:
Becky Ann Baker
Marge McGurn
Becky Ann Baker was:
John P. Finnegan
John P. Finnegan was:
Takamuro Ikeguchi
Mr. Fujiuka
Takamuro Ikeguchi was:
Danny Kamekona
Mr. Nishikawa
Danny Kamekona was:
Yoshimi Imai
Mr. Yamanaka
Yoshimi Imai was:
Lenny Imamura
Japanese Actor
Lenny Imamura was:
Goh Misawa
Acting Troupe Manager
Goh Misawa was:
Sanae Hosaka
Social Club Singer
Sanae Hosaka was:
Shuko Akune
Reiko Sakoda
Shuko Akune was:
Keenan Shimizu
Master of Ceremonies
Keenan Shimizu was:
Dale Ishimoto
Mr. Ogata
Dale Ishimoto was:
Shinko Isobe
Mrs. Ogata
Shinko Isobe was:
Mariko Fujinaka
Mariko Fujinaka was:
Fred Irinaga
Mr. Matsui
Fred Irinaga was:
Tad Horino
Mr. Noji
Tad Horino was:
George P. Wilbur
Theatre Man #1
George P. Wilbur was:
Allan Graf
Theatre Man #2
Allan Graf was:
Frank Trocha
McGurn Child #1
Frank Trocha was:
Tricia L. Campbell
McGurn Child #2
Tricia L. Campbell was:
Kelsy White
McGurn Child #3
Kelsy White was:
Cynthia Aso
Japanese Girl #1
Cynthia Aso was:
Emi Endo
Japanese Girl #2
Emi Endo was:
Marian Mukogawa
Fujiuko's Mother
Marian Mukogawa was:
Fran Lucci
Dance Hall Band
Fran Lucci was:
John Jensen
Dance Hall Band
John Jensen was:
John Mazzocco
Dance Hall Band
John Mazzocco was:
Joe Heinemann
Dance Hall Band
Joe Heinemann was:
Michael York
Dance Hall Band
Michael York was:
Mark Earley
Wedding Singer
Mark Earley was:
Paul A. DiCocco Jr.
Paul A. DiCocco Jr. was:
Joe Lisi
Joe Lisi was:
David MacIntyre
David MacIntyre was:
Doug MacHugh
Store Manager
Doug MacHugh was:
Howard French
Draft Clerk Sergeant
Howard French was:
Gigi Toya
Kindergarten Teacher
Gigi Toya was:
Don Alder
Race Track Soldier
Don Alder was:
Teri Eiko Koide
Camp Singer (Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree)
Teri Eiko Koide was:
Jumi Emizawa
Camp Singer (Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree)
Jumi Emizawa was:
Cynthia Lauren
Camp Singer (Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree)
Cynthia Lauren was:
Ian Woolf
Basic Training Sergeant
Ian Woolf was:
Ben Slack
Ben Slack was:
Bill M. Ryusaki
Issei Gentleman
Bill M. Ryusaki was:
Ken Katsumoto
Ken Katsumoto was:
Kim Robillard
Road Block Soldier
Kim Robillard was:
George Buck
Administrator #1
George Buck was:
Kevin McDermott
Administrator #2
Kevin McDermott was:
Harunobu Yoshida
Demonstration Leader
Harunobu Yoshida was:
David Carpenter
Army Captain
David Carpenter was:
Ben DiGregorio
FBI Agent
Ben DiGregorio was:
Woman in Uniform
Saachiko was:
Ben Colesberry
Truck Driver
Ben Colesberry was:
Richard Iwamoto
Committee Chairman
Richard Iwamoto was:
Douglas Kato
Heckler #1
Douglas Kato was:
Ken Y. Mayeno
Heckler #2
Ken Y. Mayeno was:
Makio Sasaki
Heckler #3
Makio Sasaki was:
Tommy Allen
MP Soldier #1
Tommy Allen was:
John McColpin
MP Soldier #2
John McColpin was:
Ricardo E. Cespedes
Social Club Band / Camp Band
Ricardo E. Cespedes was:
Yuji O. Hirayama
Social Club Band / Camp Band
Yuji O. Hirayama was:
Larry Honda
Social Club Band
Larry Honda was:
William O. Hunt
Social Club Band
William O. Hunt was:
Mark Izu
Social Club Band
Mark Izu was:
Jon C. Jang
Social Club Band
Jon C. Jang was:
Brian J. Lee
Social Club Band
Brian J. Lee was:
Francis G. Wong
Social Club Band
Francis G. Wong was:
Russell Yoon
Social Club Band
Russell Yoon was:
Thomas Yoshida
Social Club Band
Thomas Yoshida was:
Brian Oshima
Camp Band
Brian Oshima was:
Kurt Takayama
Camp Band
Kurt Takayama was:
David Watanabe
Camp Band
David Watanabe was:
Miles Watanabe
Camp Band
Miles Watanabe was:
Robbie Hioki
Camp Band
Robbie Hioki was:
Dennis Hoda
Camp Band
Dennis Hoda was:
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