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Poster of Personal Issues

Personal Issues

Release Date: Monday, May 18 1981 (41 years ago)
Portrait of Traian StănescuTraian Stănescu
Traian Stănescu was:
Portrait of Dorel VișanDorel Vișan
Prime Secretary
Dorel Vișan was:
Portrait of Liliana TudorLiliana Tudor
Liliana Tudor was:
Portrait of Ioana CrăciunescuIoana Crăciunescu
Ioana Crăciunescu was:
Portrait of Grigore ConstantinGrigore Constantin
Grigore Constantin was:
Portrait of Margareta PogonatMargareta Pogonat
Comrade Florescu
Margareta Pogonat was:
Portrait of Mircea AnghelescuMircea Anghelescu
Mircea Anghelescu was:
Portrait of Dumitru ChesaDumitru Chesa
Dumitru Chesa was:
Portrait of Wilhelmina CâtaWilhelmina Câta
Wilhelmina Câta was:
Portrait of Constantin ZărnescuConstantin Zărnescu
Constantin Zărnescu was:
Portrait of Mihai StanMihai Stan
Mihai Stan was:
Portrait of Zaharia VolbeaZaharia Volbea
Zaharia Volbea was:
Portrait of Angela RadoslavescuAngela Radoslavescu
Angela Radoslavescu was:
Portrait of Radu PanamarencoRadu Panamarenco
Radu Panamarenco was:
Portrait of Mariana CalotescuMariana Calotescu
Mariana Calotescu was:
Portrait of Barbu UlmeanuBarbu Ulmeanu
Barbu Ulmeanu was:
Portrait of Viorel PopescuViorel Popescu
Viorel Popescu was:
Portrait of Gheorghe Gavrilescu BossunGheorghe Gavrilescu Bossun
Gheorghe Gavrilescu Bossun was:
Portrait of Alexandru Virgil PlatonAlexandru Virgil Platon
Alexandru Virgil Platon was:
Portrait of Petre Gheorghiu-GoePetre Gheorghiu-Goe
Petre Gheorghiu-Goe was:
Portrait of Tamara PopescuTamara Popescu
Tamara Popescu was:
Portrait of Virgil ConstantinescuVirgil Constantinescu
Virgil Constantinescu was:
Portrait of Lidia RădulescuLidia Rădulescu
Lidia Rădulescu was:
Portrait of Constanța PerinConstanța Perin
Constanța Perin was:
Portrait of Gabriel AlexandruGabriel Alexandru
Gabriel Alexandru was:
Portrait of Nicolae AlexeNicolae Alexe
Nicolae Alexe was:
Portrait of Rada AntipRada Antip
Rada Antip was:
Portrait of Emil BîrlădeanuEmil Bîrlădeanu
Emil Bîrlădeanu was:
Portrait of Rodica BîrleaRodica Bîrlea
Rodica Bîrlea was:
Portrait of Armand CraiuArmand Craiu
Armand Craiu was:
Portrait of Aurel DavidAurel David
Aurel David was:
Portrait of Gheorghe DițuGheorghe Dițu
Gheorghe Dițu was:
Portrait of Mihai DragotăMihai Dragotă
Mihai Dragotă was:
Portrait of Mihai NiculescuMihai Niculescu
Mihai Niculescu was:
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