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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Partners: The Movie III

Partners: The Movie III

Release Date: 2014-04-26 (6 years ago)
Hiroki Narimiya
Tôru Kai
Hiroki Narimiya was:
Tsuyoshi Ihara
Tsukasa Kamuro
Tsuyoshi Ihara was:
Kôji Ishizaka
Kôji Ishizaka was:
Tôru Kazama
Tôru Kazama was:
Mitsuhiro Oikawa
Mitsuhiro Oikawa was:
Yumiko Shaku
Yumiko Shaku was:
Yutaka Mizutani
Ukyo Sugishita
Yutaka Mizutani was:
Kotaro Yoshida
Sakutaro Kuriyama
Kotaro Yoshida was:
Dai Watanabe
Shuji Taga
Dai Watanabe was:
Shin Takuma
Michihiko Wakasa
Shin Takuma was:
Anju Suzuki
Sachiko Tsukimoto
Anju Suzuki was:
Sei Matobu
Etsuko Usui
Sei Matobu was:
Kazuhisa Kawahara
Kenichi Itami
Kazuhisa Kawahara was:
Ryosuke Otani
Shinsuke Miura
Ryosuke Otani was:
Takashi Yamanaka
Keiji Serizawa
Takashi Yamanaka was:
Atsushi Yamanishi
Rokuro Kakuta
Atsushi Yamanishi was:
Seiji Rokkaku
Mamoru Yonezawa
Seiji Rokkaku was:
Satoshi Jinbo
Haruki Okochi
Satoshi Jinbo was:
Ryo Ono
Teruo Nakazono
Ryo Ono was:
Ryûji Katagiri
Kanji Uchimura
Ryûji Katagiri was:
Mitsuhiro Oikawa
Takeru Kanbe
Mitsuhiro Oikawa was:
Kôji Ishizaka
Mineaki Kai
Kôji Ishizaka was:
Naomasa Musaka
Taizo Katsurahama
Naomasa Musaka was:
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