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Poster of Aurore


Release Date: Friday, July 8 2005 (17 years ago)
Portrait of Marianne FortierMarianne Fortier
Aurore Gagnon (10 years)
Marianne Fortier was:
Portrait of Serge PostigoSerge Postigo
Télésphore Gagnon
Serge Postigo was:
Portrait of Hélène Bourgeois LeclercHélène Bourgeois Leclerc
Marie-Anne Gagnon
Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc was:
Portrait of Yves JacquesYves Jacques
Curé Leduc
Yves Jacques was:
Portrait of Rémy GirardRémy Girard
Oréus Mailhot
Rémy Girard was:
Portrait of Stéphanie LapointeStéphanie Lapointe
Marie-Anne Caron
Stéphanie Lapointe was:
Portrait of Sarah-Jeanne LabrosseSarah-Jeanne Labrosse
Marie-Jeanne Gagnon (12 ans)
Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse was:
Portrait of Alice Morel-MichaudAlice Morel-Michaud
Aurore Gagnon (6 ans)
Alice Morel-Michaud was:
Portrait of Michel ForgetMichel Forget
Nérée Caron
Michel Forget was:
Portrait of Monique SpazianiMonique Spaziani
Arzélie Caron
Monique Spaziani was:
Portrait of Francine RuelFrancine Ruel
Exilda Lemay
Francine Ruel was:
Portrait of Michel BarretteMichel Barrette
Adjutor Gagnon
Michel Barrette was:
Portrait of Luc SenayLuc Senay
Arcadius Lemay
Luc Senay was:
Portrait of Gaston LepageGaston Lepage
Alphonse Chandonnet
Gaston Lepage was:
Portrait of Albert MillaireAlbert Millaire
Albert Millaire was:
Portrait of Noémie YelleNoémie Yelle
Véronique Caron
Noémie Yelle was:
Portrait of Jean MarchandJean Marchand
Dr. Andronic Lafond
Jean Marchand was:
Portrait of Catherine TrudeauCatherine Trudeau
Soeur Anna
Catherine Trudeau was:
Portrait of Muriel DutilMuriel Dutil
Mère Supérieure
Muriel Dutil was:
Portrait of Noël BurtonNoël Burton
Me. Fitzpatrick
Noël Burton was:
Portrait of Guillaume GauthierGuillaume Gauthier
Guillaume Gauthier was:
Portrait of Laurent-Christophe De RuelleLaurent-Christophe De Ruelle
Gérard à marâtre (10 ans)
Laurent-Christophe De Ruelle was:
Portrait of Alain BoucherAlain Boucher
Alain Boucher was:
Portrait of Marie-Ève BeauregardMarie-Ève Beauregard
Marie-Ève Beauregard was:
Portrait of Johanne FontaineJohanne Fontaine
Madame Mailhot
Johanne Fontaine was:
Portrait of Annette GarantAnnette Garant
Annette Garant was:
Portrait of Guillaume Archambault-LelièvreGuillaume Archambault-Lelièvre
Guillaume Archambault-Lelièvre was:
Portrait of Ron BellavanceRon Bellavance
Policier no. 2
Ron Bellavance was:
Portrait of Sébastien BergeronSébastien Bergeron
Ouvrier no. 3 (Joseph)
Sébastien Bergeron was:
Portrait of Amélie BonenfantAmélie Bonenfant
Mademoiselle Elmire
Amélie Bonenfant was:
Portrait of Reynald BouchardReynald Bouchard
Napoléon Gagnon
Reynald Bouchard was:
Portrait of Sylvie-Katherine BouchardSylvie-Katherine Bouchard
Séverine Gagnon
Sylvie-Katherine Bouchard was:
Portrait of Simon-Olivier Bourbonnais-MarchardSimon-Olivier Bourbonnais-Marchard
Poupon Joseph
Simon-Olivier Bourbonnais-Marchard was:
Portrait of Mélodie BriseboisMélodie Brisebois
Mélodie Brisebois was:
Portrait of Martin ChampagneMartin Champagne
Ouvrier no. 2 (Victor)
Martin Champagne was:
Portrait of Félix ChevalierFélix Chevalier
Georges-Étienne (2 ans)
Félix Chevalier was:
Portrait of Pierre CollinPierre Collin
Gédéon Gagnon
Pierre Collin was:
Portrait of Alexandre CompagnaAlexandre Compagna
Alexandre Compagna was:
Portrait of Alex DicintioAlex Dicintio
Gérard à marâtre (3 ans 1/2)
Alex Dicintio was:
Portrait of Sidney DescarySidney Descary
Gérard à marâtre (5 ans 1/2)
Sidney Descary was:
Portrait of David-Alexandre DesprésDavid-Alexandre Després
Mari de Véronique
David-Alexandre Després was:
Portrait of Yves DrapeauYves Drapeau
Yves Drapeau was:
Portrait of Ludivine RedingLudivine Reding
Écolière no. 5
Ludivine Reding was:
Portrait of Romane DumesnilRomane Dumesnil
Lucina (3 ans)
Romane Dumesnil was:
Portrait of Catherine FaucherCatherine Faucher
Écolière no. 4
Catherine Faucher was:
Portrait of Lisette GuertinLisette Guertin
Louise Lord
Lisette Guertin was:
Portrait of Sylvano HarveySylvano Harvey
Le Soldat
Sylvano Harvey was:
Portrait of Sarah-Annie HegartySarah-Annie Hegarty
Marie-Jeanne (13-21 mois)
Sarah-Annie Hegarty was:
Portrait of Jordan JacquesJordan Jacques
Gérard à marâtre (8 ans)
Jordan Jacques was:
Portrait of Kevin LabrecqueKevin Labrecque
Écolier no. 9
Kevin Labrecque was:
Portrait of Marc-Olivier LafranceMarc-Olivier Lafrance
Jeune garçon no. 2
Marc-Olivier Lafrance was:
Portrait of Alexandra LamoureuxAlexandra Lamoureux
Lucina (5 ans)
Alexandra Lamoureux was:
Portrait of Tristan Lamy-CanuelTristan Lamy-Canuel
Écolier no. 13
Tristan Lamy-Canuel was:
Portrait of Justin LaraméeJustin Laramée
Ouvrier no. 4 (Batiste)
Justin Laramée was:
Portrait of Claudia LareauClaudia Lareau
Écolière no. 7
Claudia Lareau was:
Portrait of Maude Lauzon-VilliardMaude Lauzon-Villiard
Voisine de classe
Maude Lauzon-Villiard was:
Portrait of Pamela LaviolettePamela Laviolette
Écolière no. 6
Pamela Laviolette was:
Portrait of Véronique LeclercVéronique Leclerc
Religieuse no. 2
Véronique Leclerc was:
Portrait of Jacob LeducJacob Leduc
Joseph (2 ans 1/2)
Jacob Leduc was:
Portrait of Sylvain LegaultSylvain Legault
Policier no. 1
Sylvain Legault was:
Portrait of Philippe LescarbeauPhilippe Lescarbeau
Écolier no. 14
Philippe Lescarbeau was:
Portrait of Marili LevacMarili Levac
Angéline Nault
Marili Levac was:
Portrait of Isabelle LindenbergerIsabelle Lindenberger
Écolière no. 1
Isabelle Lindenberger was:
Portrait of David M. FleuryDavid M. Fleury
Écolier no. 10
David M. Fleury was:
Portrait of Julien Marchand-DesranleauJulien Marchand-Desranleau
Écolier no. 11
Julien Marchand-Desranleau was:
Portrait of Juliette Mondoux-FournierJuliette Mondoux-Fournier
Écolier no. 2
Juliette Mondoux-Fournier was:
Portrait of Tristan NadeauTristan Nadeau
Enfant de choeur
Tristan Nadeau was:
Portrait of Jean-René PaulinJean-René Paulin
Jean-René Paulin was:
Portrait of Magalie Perron-KurdikaMagalie Perron-Kurdika
Fillette d'honneur
Magalie Perron-Kurdika was:
Portrait of Émile PichetteÉmile Pichette
Enfant marâtre no. 4
Émile Pichette was:
Portrait of Joseph PichetteJoseph Pichette
Enfant marâtre no. 3
Joseph Pichette was:
Portrait of Michael PlanteMichael Plante
Enfant marâtre no. 6
Michael Plante was:
Portrait of Sylvain RocheleauSylvain Rocheleau
Ouvrier no. 1 (Rosaire)
Sylvain Rocheleau was:
Portrait of Antoine RousselAntoine Roussel
Georges-Étienne (4 ans 1/2)
Antoine Roussel was:
Portrait of Ron SavageRon Savage
Ron Savage was:
Portrait of Daphnée SébilleauDaphnée Sébilleau
Écolière no. 3
Daphnée Sébilleau was:
Portrait of Kimberly St-Pierre KingKimberly St-Pierre King
Écolière no. 8
Kimberly St-Pierre King was:
Portrait of Philippe WérisPhilippe Wéris
Quatrième homme
Philippe Wéris was:
Portrait of Veronika Leclerc StricklandVeronika Leclerc Strickland
Religieuse no. 2
Veronika Leclerc Strickland was:
Portrait of Jean-François BélangerJean-François Bélanger
Arthur Leboeuf
Jean-François Bélanger was:
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