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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Almost Famous

Almost Famous

Release Date: 2000-09-15 (20 years ago)
Billy Crudup
Russell Hammond
Billy Crudup was:
Frances McDormand
Elaine Miller
Frances McDormand was:
Kate Hudson
Penny Lane
Kate Hudson was:
Patrick Fugit
William Miller
Patrick Fugit was:
Jason Lee
Jeff Bebe
Jason Lee was:
Zooey Deschanel
Anita Miller
Zooey Deschanel was:
Michael Angarano
Young William
Michael Angarano was:
Anna Paquin
Polexia Aphrodisia
Anna Paquin was:
Fairuza Balk
Fairuza Balk was:
Noah Taylor
Dick Roswell
Noah Taylor was:
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Lester Bangs
Philip Seymour Hoffman was:
Jimmy Fallon
Dennis Hope
Jimmy Fallon was:
Rainn Wilson
David Felton
Rainn Wilson was:
Jay Baruchel
Vic Munoz
Jay Baruchel was:
John Fedevich
Ed Vallencourt
John Fedevich was:
Mark Kozelek
Larry Fellows
Mark Kozelek was:
Liz Stauber
Liz Stauber was:
Olivia Rosewood
Beth from Denver
Olivia Rosewood was:
Bijou Phillips
Estrella Starr
Bijou Phillips was:
Pauley Perrette
Alice Wisdom
Pauley Perrette was:
Peter Frampton
Peter Frampton was:
Mark Pellington
Mark Pellington was:
Eion Bailey
Jann Wenner
Eion Bailey was:
J.J. Cohen
Roadie Scully
J.J. Cohen was:
Gary Kohn
Roadie Gregg
Gary Kohn was:
Ray Porter
Roadie Mick
Ray Porter was:
Alice Marie Crowe
Mrs. Deegan
Alice Marie Crowe was:
Erin Foley
Alison the Fact Checker
Erin Foley was:
Terry Chen
Ben Fong-Torres
Terry Chen was:
Mitch Hedberg
Eagles Road Manager
Mitch Hedberg was:
Jesse Caron
Jesse Caron was:
Zack Ward
The Legendary Red Dog
Zack Ward was:
Devin Corey
The Who Road Manager
Devin Corey was:
Pete Droge
Hyatt Singer
Pete Droge was:
Elaine Summers
Hyatt Singer
Elaine Summers was:
Kevin Sussman
Kevin Sussman was:
Tom Riis Farrell
Plaza Doctor
Tom Riis Farrell was:
John Patrick Amedori
John Patrick Amedori was:
Julia Decker
Waving Girl
Julia Decker was:
Brian Vaughan
Real Topeka Kid
Brian Vaughan was:
Anthony Martelli
Poolside Provocateur
Anthony Martelli was:
Susan Yeagley
Have a Nice Day Stewardess
Susan Yeagley was:
Holly Maples
Flight Attendant
Holly Maples was:
Michelle Moretti
Swingo's Desk Clerk
Michelle Moretti was:
Eric Stonestreet
Sheldon the Desk Clerk
Eric Stonestreet was:
Marc Maron
Angry Promoter
Marc Maron was:
Ana Maria Quintana
Ana Maria Quintana was:
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