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These Glamour Girls

These Glamour Girls

Release Date: 1939-08-18 (81 years ago)
Lew Ayres
Philip S. Griswold III
Lew Ayres was:
Lana Turner
Jane Thomas
Lana Turner was:
Tom Brown
Homer Ten Eyck
Tom Brown was:
Richard Carlson
Richard Carlson was:
Jane Bryan
Carol Christy
Jane Bryan was:
Anita Louise
Daphne Graves
Anita Louise was:
Marsha Hunt
Betty Ainsbridge
Marsha Hunt was:
Ann Rutherford
Mary Rose Wilston
Ann Rutherford was:
Mary Beth Hughes
Mary Beth Hughes was:
Owen Davis Jr.
Greg Smith
Owen Davis Jr. was:
Ernest Truex
Ernest Truex was:
Sumner Getchell
Sumner Getchell was:
Peter Lind Hayes
Skel (as Peter Hayes)
Peter Lind Hayes was:
Don Castle
Don Castle was:
Tom Collins
Tommy Torgler
Tom Collins was:
Ernie Alexander
Parking Attendant (uncredited)
Ernie Alexander was:
Rod Bacon
College Boy (uncredited)
Rod Bacon was:
Lee Bennett
College Boy (uncredited)
Lee Bennett was:
Gladys Blake
Joy Lane Cashier (uncredited)
Gladys Blake was:
Aldrich Bowker
Charlie the Counterman (uncredited)
Aldrich Bowker was:
Frederika Brown
Mrs. Wilston (uncredited)
Frederika Brown was:
Arthur Q. Bryan
Dance Customer (uncredited)
Arthur Q. Bryan was:
Helena Phillips Evans
Ann's Personal Maid (uncredited)
Helena Phillips Evans was:
Mary Forbes
Mrs. Van Reichton (uncredited)
Mary Forbes was:
Jesse Graves
Porter (uncredited)
Jesse Graves was:
Eddie Hall
Student Cutting in on Dance (uncredited)
Eddie Hall was:
Robert Emmett Keane
Mr. Wilston (uncredited)
Robert Emmett Keane was:
John Kelly
The Sailor 'Feather Foot' (uncredited)
John Kelly was:
Tom Kennedy
Joy Lane Manager (uncredited)
Tom Kennedy was:
Henry Kolker
Philip S. Griswold II (uncredited)
Henry Kolker was:
Dorothy Lovett
Dorothy Lovett was:
Dennie Moore
Jane's Roommate Mavis (uncredited)
Dennie Moore was:
David Oliver
Cabby (uncredited)
David Oliver was:
Lee Phelps
Policeman (uncredited)
Lee Phelps was:
James Pierce
Joy Lane Bouncer (uncredited)
James Pierce was:
Russell Wade
College Boy (uncredited)
Russell Wade was:
Nella Walker
Carol's Mother Mrs. Christy (uncredited)
Nella Walker was:
Robert Walker
College Boy (uncredited)
Robert Walker was:
Robert Winkler
Newsboy (uncredited)
Robert Winkler was:
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