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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Lady in Question

The Lady in Question

Release Date: 1940-08-07 (80 years ago)
Brian Aherne
Andre Morestan
Brian Aherne was:
Rita Hayworth
Natalie Roguin
Rita Hayworth was:
Glenn Ford
Pierre Morestan
Glenn Ford was:
Irene Rich
Michele Morestan
Irene Rich was:
George Coulouris
Defense Attorney
George Coulouris was:
Lloyd Corrigan
Prosecuting Attorney
Lloyd Corrigan was:
Evelyn Keyes
Francois Morestan
Evelyn Keyes was:
Edward Norris
Robert LaCoste
Edward Norris was:
Curt Bois
Henri Lurette
Curt Bois was:
Frank Reicher
Frank Reicher was:
Sumner Getchell
Fat Boy
Sumner Getchell was:
Nicholas Bela
Nicholas Farkas
Nicholas Bela was:
Louis Adlon
First Court Clerk (uncredited)
Louis Adlon was:
Ronald Alexander
Juror (uncredited)
Ronald Alexander was:
Leon Belasco
Barber (uncredited)
Leon Belasco was:
Mary Bovard
Miss Lucille Morlet (uncredited)
Mary Bovard was:
Dorothy Burgess
Antoinette (uncredited)
Dorothy Burgess was:
James B. Carson
Louie Rolande (uncredited)
James B. Carson was:
William Castle
Angry Juror #1 (uncredited)
William Castle was:
George Davis
Customer (uncredited)
George Davis was:
Vernon Dent
Gendarme (uncredited)
Vernon Dent was:
Fern Emmett
Natalie Roguin #2 (uncredited)
Fern Emmett was:
Harrison Greene
Jury Foreman (uncredited)
Harrison Greene was:
Carlton Griffin
Juror (uncredited)
Carlton Griffin was:
Earl Gunn
Angry Juror #2 (uncredited)
Earl Gunn was:
Frank Hilliard
Juror (uncredited)
Frank Hilliard was:
Eddie Laughton
Minor Role (uncredited)
Eddie Laughton was:
Theodore Lorch
Juror (uncredited)
Theodore Lorch was:
Hamilton MacFadden
Guard (uncredited)
Hamilton MacFadden was:
Allen Marlow
Second Guard (uncredited)
Allen Marlow was:
Alexander Palasthy
Juror (uncredited)
Alexander Palasthy was:
Ralph Peters
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Ralph Peters was:
Frank Pharr
Juror (uncredited)
Frank Pharr was:
Fred Rapport
Alternate Juror (uncredited)
Fred Rapport was:
Jack Raymond
Expressman (uncredited)
Jack Raymond was:
Jack Rice
Gaston (uncredited)
Jack Rice was:
William Stack
Mr. Marinier (uncredited)
William Stack was:
Julius Tannen
Judge of the Court (uncredited)
Julius Tannen was:
Emma Tansey
Flower Woman (uncredited)
Emma Tansey was:
Philip Van Zandt
Second Court Clerk (uncredited)
Philip Van Zandt was:
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