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No Sad Songs for Me

No Sad Songs for Me

Release Date: 1950-04-27 (71 years ago)
Margaret Sullavan
Mary Scott
Margaret Sullavan was:
Wendell Corey
Bradford 'Brad' Scott
Wendell Corey was:
Viveca Lindfors
Chris Radna
Viveca Lindfors was:
Natalie Wood
Polly Scott
Natalie Wood was:
John McIntire
Dr. Ralph Frene
John McIntire was:
Ann Doran
Louise Spears
Ann Doran was:
Richard Quine
Richard Quine was:
Jeanette Nolan
Mona Frene
Jeanette Nolan was:
Dorothy Tree
Frieda Miles
Dorothy Tree was:
Raymond Greenleaf
Mr. Caswell
Raymond Greenleaf was:
Urylee Leonardos
Flora - the Maid
Urylee Leonardos was:
Michael Barrett
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Michael Barrett was:
John Berkes
Joe - Restaurant Owner (uncredited)
John Berkes was:
Harris Brown
Drunk in Lunch Wagon (uncredited)
Harris Brown was:
Lucile Browne
Mrs. Hendrickson (uncredited)
Lucile Browne was:
George Bruggeman
Expressman (uncredited)
George Bruggeman was:
Paul E. Burns
Florist (uncredited)
Paul E. Burns was:
Harry Cheshire
Mel Fenelly (uncredited)
Harry Cheshire was:
Rita Conde
Mexican Girl (uncredited)
Rita Conde was:
Miguel Contreras
Mexican Orchestra Leader (uncredited)
Miguel Contreras was:
Marcel De La Brosse
Waiter (uncredited)
Marcel De La Brosse was:
Bill Dill
Man (uncredited)
Bill Dill was:
Al Eben
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Al Eben was:
Douglas Evans
Jack Miles (uncredited)
Douglas Evans was:
Robert Filmer
Man (uncredited)
Robert Filmer was:
Sumner Getchell
George Spears (uncredited)
Sumner Getchell was:
Myron Healey
Chris' Young Man (uncredited)
Myron Healey was:
Mary Alan Hokanson
Reception Nurse (uncredited)
Mary Alan Hokanson was:
Tom Kingston
Man (uncredited)
Tom Kingston was:
Therese Lyon
Elderly Lady (uncredited)
Therese Lyon was:
Louis Mason
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Louis Mason was:
Harold Miller
New Year's Eve Party Guest (uncredited)
Harold Miller was:
Frank O'Connor
Conductor (uncredited)
Frank O'Connor was:
Hank Patterson
Night Construction Workman (uncredited)
Hank Patterson was:
Maudie Prickett
Anna - Woman at Train Depot (uncredited)
Maudie Prickett was:
Charles Schaeffer
Man (uncredited)
Charles Schaeffer was:
Ted Stanhope
Drunk at Party (uncredited)
Ted Stanhope was:
Harlan Warde
Lee Corbett (uncredited)
Harlan Warde was:
Margo Woode
Doris Weldon (uncredited)
Margo Woode was:
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