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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Lightning Strikes Twice

Lightning Strikes Twice

Release Date: 1951-04-12 (70 years ago)
Ruth Roman
Shelley Carnes
Ruth Roman was:
Richard Todd
Richard Trevelyan
Richard Todd was:
Mercedes McCambridge
Liza McStringer
Mercedes McCambridge was:
Zachary Scott
Harvey Fortescue Turner
Zachary Scott was:
Frank Conroy
J.D. Nolan
Frank Conroy was:
Kathryn Givney
Myra Nolan
Kathryn Givney was:
Rhys Williams
Father Paul
Rhys Williams was:
Darryl Hickman
Darryl Hickman was:
Nacho Galindo
Nacho Galindo was:
Marjorie Bennett
Drug Store Customer
Marjorie Bennett was:
Ralph Byrd
Jack Ross
Ralph Byrd was:
Frank Cady
Gas Station Man
Frank Cady was:
Irene Calvillo
Irene Calvillo was:
Leo Cleary
Leo Cleary was:
Eileen Coghlan
Eileen Coghlan was:
Byron Foulger
Byron Foulger was:
Joaquin Garay
Johnny Lopez
Joaquin Garay was:
Sumner Getchell
Sumner Getchell was:
Ned Glass
Ned Glass was:
Dick Gordon
Prison Guard
Dick Gordon was:
Edward Hearn
Edward Hearn was:
Marya Marco
Marya Marco was:
Harold Miller
Guest at Cookout
Harold Miller was:
Frank Mills
Lunch Counter Patron
Frank Mills was:
Jack Mower
Lunch Counter Patron
Jack Mower was:
Gordon Nelson
Gordon Nelson was:
Franklin Parker
Franklin Parker was:
Nina Parry
Nina Parry was:
Jack Perry
Sidewalk Passerby
Jack Perry was:
John Pickard
Policeman at Accident
John Pickard was:
Henry Sharp
Justice of the Peace
Henry Sharp was:
Bill Walker
The Nolans' Butler
Bill Walker was:
Tom Wilson
Bus Passenger
Tom Wilson was:
Helen Winston
Helen Winston was:
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