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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Death Match

Death Match

Release Date: 1994-10-26 (26 years ago)
Martin Kove
Paul Landis
Martin Kove was:
Matthias Hues
Mark Vanik
Matthias Hues was:
Ian Jacklin
John Larson
Ian Jacklin was:
Renee Griffin
Danielle Richardson
Renee Griffin was:
Steven Vincent Leigh
Mr. Han
Steven Vincent Leigh was:
Bob Wyatt
Big Man
Bob Wyatt was:
Nicholas Hill
Nick Wallace
Nicholas Hill was:
Richard Lynch
Jimmie Fratello
Richard Lynch was:
Jorge Rivero
Vinnie Fratello
Jorge Rivero was:
Benny Urquidez
Benny Urquidez was:
Michele Krasnoo
Michele Krasnoo was:
Eric Lee
Hotel Clerk
Eric Lee was:
Carlos Palomino
Dock Foreman
Carlos Palomino was:
Dan Doherty
Landis' Bodyguard
Dan Doherty was:
Marcus Aurelius
Vinnie's Bodyguard
Marcus Aurelius was:
Brick Bronsky
Vinnie's Bodyguard
Brick Bronsky was:
Lisa Hasslehurst
Newspaper Receptionist (as Lisa Haslehurst)
Lisa Hasslehurst was:
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer was:
Sheila Redgate
Vanik's Massage Girl
Sheila Redgate was:
Lisa London
Big Man's Girlfriend
Lisa London was:
Dino Homsey
Vanik's Opponent - Second Arena Fight
Dino Homsey was:
Tony Halme
Han's #1 Bodyguard
Tony Halme was:
Stevie Lee
Stevie Lee was:
Debrah Miceli
Co-ed Fighter - Second Arena Fight
Debrah Miceli was:
Joe Cook
Landis' Bodyguard
Joe Cook was:
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