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Release Date: Wednesday, November 26 2003 (19 years ago)
Portrait of Paul WalkerPaul Walker
Chris Johnston
Paul Walker was:
Portrait of Frances O'ConnorFrances O'Connor
Kate Ericson
Frances O'Connor was:
Portrait of Gerard ButlerGerard Butler
Andre Marek
Gerard Butler was:
Portrait of Billy ConnollyBilly Connolly
Professor E.A. Johnston
Billy Connolly was:
Portrait of David ThewlisDavid Thewlis
Robert Doniger
David Thewlis was:
Portrait of Anna FrielAnna Friel
Lady Claire
Anna Friel was:
Portrait of Neal McDonoughNeal McDonough
Frank Gordon
Neal McDonough was:
Portrait of Matt CravenMatt Craven
Steven Kramer
Matt Craven was:
Portrait of Ethan EmbryEthan Embry
Josh Stern
Ethan Embry was:
Portrait of Michael SheenMichael Sheen
Lord Oliver
Michael Sheen was:
Portrait of Lambert WilsonLambert Wilson
Lord Arnaut
Lambert Wilson was:
Portrait of Marton CsokasMarton Csokas
Sir William De Kere / William Decker
Marton Csokas was:
Portrait of Rossif SutherlandRossif Sutherland
François Dontelle
Rossif Sutherland was:
Portrait of David La HayeDavid La Haye
Arnaut's Deputy
David La Haye was:
Portrait of Steve KahanSteve Kahan
Steve Kahan was:
Portrait of Christian TessierChristian Tessier
MRI Technician
Christian Tessier was:
Portrait of Marie-Josée ColburnMarie-Josée Colburn
Oliver's Wife
Marie-Josée Colburn was:
Portrait of Richard ZemanRichard Zeman
Oliver's Lieutenant
Richard Zeman was:
Portrait of Patrick SabonguiPatrick Sabongui
Jimmy Gomez
Patrick Sabongui was:
Portrait of Vlasta VranaVlasta Vrana
Vlasta Vrana was:
Portrait of Cas AnvarCas Anvar
E.R. Doctor
Cas Anvar was:
Portrait of Stephanie BiddleStephanie Biddle
E.R. Doctor
Stephanie Biddle was:
Portrait of Amy SloanAmy Sloan
Amy Sloan was:
Portrait of Paul TuerpePaul Tuerpe
News Reporter
Paul Tuerpe was:
Portrait of Marian CollierMarian Collier
Marian Collier was:
Portrait of Christian PaulChristian Paul
Christian Paul was:
Portrait of Edward J. RosenEdward J. Rosen
Edward J. Rosen was:
Portrait of Stephen LiskaStephen Liska
ITC Tech
Stephen Liska was:
Portrait of Bruce RamsayBruce Ramsay
ITC Tech
Bruce Ramsay was:
Portrait of Stéfanie BuxtonStéfanie Buxton
ITC Tech
Stéfanie Buxton was:
Portrait of Cecile CristobalCecile Cristobal
ITC Tech
Cecile Cristobal was:
Portrait of Richard DonnerRichard Donner
Man in Car (uncredited)
Richard Donner was:
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