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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Toy

The Toy

Release Date: Friday, December 10 1982 (39 years ago)
Portrait of Richard PryorRichard Pryor
Jack Brown
Richard Pryor was:
Portrait of Jackie GleasonJackie Gleason
Ulysses Simpson 'U.S.' Bates
Jackie Gleason was:
Portrait of Ned BeattyNed Beatty
Sydney Morehouse
Ned Beatty was:
Portrait of Scott SchwartzScott Schwartz
Eric Bates
Scott Schwartz was:
Portrait of Teresa GanzelTeresa Ganzel
Fancy Bates
Teresa Ganzel was:
Portrait of Wilfrid Hyde-WhiteWilfrid Hyde-White
Wilfrid Hyde-White was:
Portrait of Tony KingTony King
Tony King was:
Portrait of Annazette ChaseAnnazette Chase
Annazette Chase was:
Portrait of Don HoodDon Hood
Don Hood was:
Portrait of Karen Leslie-LyttleKaren Leslie-Lyttle
Karen Leslie-Lyttle was:
Portrait of Virginia CapersVirginia Capers
Ruby Simpson
Virginia Capers was:
Portrait of Steve KahanSteve Kahan
State Trooper
Steve Kahan was:
Portrait of B.J. HopperB.J. Hopper
B.J. Hopper was:
Portrait of Ray SpruellRay Spruell
Senator Newcomb
Ray Spruell was:
Portrait of Stocker FontelieuStocker Fontelieu
District Attorney Russell
Stocker Fontelieu was:
Portrait of Robert AdamsRobert Adams
Store Executive
Robert Adams was:
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