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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Favor

The Favor

Release Date: Friday, April 29 1994 (28 years ago)
Portrait of Harley Jane KozakHarley Jane Kozak
Kathy Whiting
Harley Jane Kozak was:
Portrait of Elizabeth McGovernElizabeth McGovern
Elizabeth McGovern was:
Portrait of Bill PullmanBill Pullman
Bill Pullman was:
Portrait of Brad PittBrad Pitt
Elliott Fowler
Brad Pitt was:
Portrait of Ken WahlKen Wahl
Tom Andrews
Ken Wahl was:
Portrait of Larry MillerLarry Miller
Joe Dubin
Larry Miller was:
Portrait of Holland TaylorHolland Taylor
Maggie Sand
Holland Taylor was:
Portrait of Kim WalkerKim Walker
Jill Topial
Kim Walker was:
Portrait of Claire StansfieldClaire Stansfield
Claire Stansfield was:
Portrait of O-Lan JonesO-Lan Jones
Mrs. Moyer
O-Lan Jones was:
Portrait of Milt ObermanMilt Oberman
Mr. Moyer
Milt Oberman was:
Portrait of Mindy SterlingMindy Sterling
Debbie Rollins
Mindy Sterling was:
Portrait of Steve KahanSteve Kahan
Helpful Fisherman
Steve Kahan was:
Portrait of Ginger OrsiGinger Orsi
Ginger Orsi was:
Portrait of Leigh Ann OrsiLeigh Ann Orsi
Leigh Ann Orsi was:
Portrait of Felicia RobertsonFelicia Robertson
Felicia Robertson was:
Portrait of Kenny TwomeyKenny Twomey
Mr. Lucky
Kenny Twomey was:
Portrait of Florence SchaufflerFlorence Schauffler
Museum Docent
Florence Schauffler was:
Portrait of Elaine MeeElaine Mee
Chunky Woman
Elaine Mee was:
Portrait of John HornJohn Horn
John Horn was:
Portrait of Marilyn BlechschmidtMarilyn Blechschmidt
Mrs. Konzulman
Marilyn Blechschmidt was:
Portrait of Wilma BergheimWilma Bergheim
Lady at Church #1
Wilma Bergheim was:
Portrait of Mary MarshMary Marsh
Lady at Church #2
Mary Marsh was:
Portrait of Deborah WhiteDeborah White
Professor Allen
Deborah White was:
Portrait of Michael-Anthony TaylorMichael-Anthony Taylor
Michael-Anthony Taylor was:
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