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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Destination: America

Destination: America

Release Date: Friday, April 3 1987 (35 years ago)
Portrait of Bruce GreenwoodBruce Greenwood
Corbet St. James V
Bruce Greenwood was:
Portrait of Joe PantolianoJoe Pantoliano
Lt. Mike Amico
Joe Pantoliano was:
Portrait of Corinne BohrerCorinne Bohrer
Trisha Leathergood
Corinne Bohrer was:
Portrait of Alan AutryAlan Autry
Larry Leathergood
Alan Autry was:
Portrait of Henry KingiHenry Kingi
Reno Sam
Henry Kingi was:
Portrait of Robert NewmanRobert Newman
David St. James
Robert Newman was:
Portrait of Norman AldenNorman Alden
Tom Beller
Norman Alden was:
Portrait of Steve KahanSteve Kahan
Steve Kahan was:
Portrait of Rip TornRip Torn
Corbet St. James IV
Rip Torn was:
Portrait of Kim Morgan GreeneKim Morgan Greene
Kim Morgan Greene was:
Portrait of Luke AndreasLuke Andreas
Luke Andreas was:
Portrait of Judith BarsiJudith Barsi
Judith Barsi was:
Portrait of Booth ColmanBooth Colman
Booth Colman was:
Portrait of Antony CarboneAntony Carbone
Antony Carbone was:
Portrait of Dennis RobertsonDennis Robertson
Dennis Robertson was:
Portrait of Robert RockwellRobert Rockwell
Robert Rockwell was:
Portrait of Micole MercurioMicole Mercurio
Micole Mercurio was:
Portrait of David UnderwoodDavid Underwood
David Underwood was:
Portrait of Stan KamberStan Kamber
Stan Kamber was:
Portrait of Elsa RavenElsa Raven
Elsa Raven was:
Portrait of Stephen Anthony HenryStephen Anthony Henry
Stephen Anthony Henry was:
Portrait of Richard JamisonRichard Jamison
Richard Jamison was:
Portrait of Drew PillsburyDrew Pillsbury
Drew Pillsbury was:
Portrait of Dick BillingsleyDick Billingsley
Dick Billingsley was:
Portrait of Brandon BluhmBrandon Bluhm
Brandon Bluhm was:
Portrait of Anthony PenaAnthony Pena
Anthony Pena was:
Portrait of David RalpheDavid Ralphe
David Ralphe was:
Portrait of Maura McGiveneyMaura McGiveney
Maura McGiveney was:
Portrait of Virgil FryeVirgil Frye
Virgil Frye was:
Portrait of Mike PniewskiMike Pniewski
Mike Pniewski was:
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