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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Demolition Man

Demolition Man

Release Date: Friday, October 8 1993 (29 years ago)
Portrait of Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone
John Spartan
Sylvester Stallone was:
Portrait of Wesley SnipesWesley Snipes
Simon Phoenix
Wesley Snipes was:
Portrait of Sandra BullockSandra Bullock
Lt. Lenina Huxley
Sandra Bullock was:
Portrait of Nigel HawthorneNigel Hawthorne
Dr. Raymond Cocteau
Nigel Hawthorne was:
Portrait of Benjamin BrattBenjamin Bratt
Alfredo Garcia
Benjamin Bratt was:
Portrait of Bob GuntonBob Gunton
Chief George Earle
Bob Gunton was:
Portrait of Glenn ShadixGlenn Shadix
Associate Bob
Glenn Shadix was:
Portrait of Denis LearyDenis Leary
Edgar Friendly
Denis Leary was:
Portrait of Grand L. BushGrand L. Bush
Zachary Lamb - Young
Grand L. Bush was:
Portrait of Pat SkipperPat Skipper
Helicopter Pilot
Pat Skipper was:
Portrait of Steve KahanSteve Kahan
Captain Healy
Steve Kahan was:
Portrait of Paul BollenPaul Bollen
T.F.R. Officer
Paul Bollen was:
Portrait of Mark ColsonMark Colson
Warden William Smithers - Young
Mark Colson was:
Portrait of Andre GregoryAndre Gregory
Warden William Smithers - Aged
Andre Gregory was:
Portrait of John Enos IIIJohn Enos III
John Enos III was:
Portrait of Troy EvansTroy Evans
Tough Cop
Troy Evans was:
Portrait of Don Charles McGovernDon Charles McGovern
Hopper - Prison Guard
Don Charles McGovern was:
Portrait of Bill CobbsBill Cobbs
Zachary Lamb - Aged
Bill Cobbs was:
Portrait of Patricia RivePatricia Rive
Police Officer
Patricia Rive was:
Portrait of Anneliza ScottAnneliza Scott
Police Officer
Anneliza Scott was:
Portrait of Dean MinerdDean Minerd
Police Officer
Dean Minerd was:
Portrait of Kristopher LoganKristopher Logan
Troubled Guy
Kristopher Logan was:
Portrait of Paul PerriPaul Perri
Squad Leader
Paul Perri was:
Portrait of Susan LentiniSusan Lentini
T.V. Reporter
Susan Lentini was:
Portrait of Casey WallaceCasey Wallace
Little Girl
Casey Wallace was:
Portrait of Trent WalkerTrent Walker
Boggle Guard
Trent Walker was:
Portrait of Chris DurandChris Durand
Museum Guard
Chris Durand was:
Portrait of Brett A. JonesBrett A. Jones
Museum Guard
Brett A. Jones was:
Portrait of Dan CorteseDan Cortese
Taco Bell Entertainer
Dan Cortese was:
Portrait of Lara HarrisLara Harris
Taco Bell Patron
Lara Harris was:
Portrait of Sam NehiraSam Nehira
Taco Bell Patron
Sam Nehira was:
Portrait of Claude OattsClaude Oatts
Taco Bell Patron
Claude Oatts was:
Portrait of Alex ChapmanAlex Chapman
Taco Bell Scrap
Alex Chapman was:
Portrait of Brandy LedfordBrandy Ledford
Fiber Op Girl
Brandy Ledford was:
Portrait of Rosemarie LagunasRosemarie Lagunas
Hamburger Stand Scrap
Rosemarie Lagunas was:
Portrait of Ken BaldwinKen Baldwin
Wasteland Scrap
Ken Baldwin was:
Portrait of Jack BlackJack Black
Wasteland Scrap
Jack Black was:
Portrait of Michael BuiceMichael Buice
Wasteland Scrap
Michael Buice was:
Portrait of Carlton WilbornCarlton Wilborn
Wasteland Scrap
Carlton Wilborn was:
Portrait of Charles GlassCharles Glass
Charles Glass was:
Portrait of Ben JurandBen Jurand
Ben Jurand was:
Portrait of Billy D. LucasBilly D. Lucas
Billy D. Lucas was:
Portrait of Rhino MichaelsRhino Michaels
Rhino Michaels was:
Portrait of Toshishiro ObataToshishiro Obata
Toshishiro Obata was:
Portrait of Jesse VenturaJesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura was:
Portrait of Rob SchneiderRob Schneider
Rob Schneider was:
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