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Poster of Dead On: Relentless II

Dead On: Relentless II

Release Date: Wednesday, February 26 1992 (30 years ago)
Portrait of Ray SharkeyRay Sharkey
Kyle Valsone
Ray Sharkey was:
Portrait of Leo RossiLeo Rossi
Sam Dietz
Leo Rossi was:
Portrait of Meg FosterMeg Foster
Carol Dietz
Meg Foster was:
Portrait of Marc PoppelMarc Poppel
Paul Taglia
Marc Poppel was:
Portrait of Dale DyeDale Dye
Captain Rivers
Dale Dye was:
Portrait of Miles O'KeeffeMiles O'Keeffe
Miles O'Keeffe was:
Portrait of Allan RichAllan Rich
Allan Rich was:
Portrait of Cylk CozartCylk Cozart
Detective at Precinct
Cylk Cozart was:
Portrait of Sven-Ole ThorsenSven-Ole Thorsen
Mechanic (as Patrick Vergano)
Sven-Ole Thorsen was:
Portrait of Mindy SeegerMindy Seeger
Mindy Seeger was:
Portrait of Perry LangPerry Lang
Ralph Boshi
Perry Lang was:
Portrait of John F. GoffJohn F. Goff
Dr. Park
John F. Goff was:
Portrait of Art KimbroArt Kimbro
Art Kimbro was:
Portrait of Dawn MangrumDawn Mangrum
Dawn Mangrum was:
Portrait of Leilani JonesLeilani Jones
Belinda Belos
Leilani Jones was:
Portrait of Frank RossiFrank Rossi
Cop at Mechanic's Apartment
Frank Rossi was:
Portrait of Barbara Anne KleinBarbara Anne Klein
Barbara Anne Klein was:
Portrait of Paul HertzbergPaul Hertzberg
Detective at House
Paul Hertzberg was:
Portrait of Anthony DonatoAnthony Donato
Anthony Donato was:
Portrait of Brendan RyanBrendan Ryan
Corey Dietz
Brendan Ryan was:
Portrait of Jean AdamsJean Adams
Cleaning Woman
Jean Adams was:
Portrait of Loren FarmerLoren Farmer
Hotel Clerk
Loren Farmer was:
Portrait of Bob MinorBob Minor
Cop #1
Bob Minor was:
Portrait of James Patten EagleJames Patten Eagle
Cop #2
James Patten Eagle was:
Portrait of A.J. NayA.J. Nay
Cop #3
A.J. Nay was:
Portrait of Steve KelsoSteve Kelso
Cop #4
Steve Kelso was:
Portrait of Lisa M. HansenLisa M. Hansen
Cop #5
Lisa M. Hansen was:
Portrait of Steve KahanSteve Kahan
Steve Kahan was:
Portrait of Shelby ChongShelby Chong
Shelby Chong was:
Portrait of Steven LambertSteven Lambert
Steven Lambert was:
Portrait of David ConradesDavid Conrades
David Conrades was:
Portrait of Craig LapinerCraig Lapiner
Craig Lapiner was:
Portrait of Gregory R. WolfGregory R. Wolf
Gregory R. Wolf was:
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