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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory

Release Date: Friday, August 8 1997 (25 years ago)
Portrait of Mel GibsonMel Gibson
Jerry Fletcher
Mel Gibson was:
Portrait of Julia RobertsJulia Roberts
Alice Sutton
Julia Roberts was:
Portrait of Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
Dr. Jonas
Patrick Stewart was:
Portrait of Cylk CozartCylk Cozart
Agent Lowry
Cylk Cozart was:
Portrait of Steve KahanSteve Kahan
Mr. Wilson
Steve Kahan was:
Portrait of Terry AlexanderTerry Alexander
Terry Alexander was:
Portrait of Alex McArthurAlex McArthur
Alex McArthur was:
Portrait of Rod McLachlanRod McLachlan
Justice Guard
Rod McLachlan was:
Portrait of Michael PottsMichael Potts
Justice Guard
Michael Potts was:
Portrait of Jim SterlingJim Sterling
Justice Guard
Jim Sterling was:
Portrait of Rich HebertRich Hebert
Public Works Man
Rich Hebert was:
Portrait of Brian J. WilliamsBrian J. Williams
Brian J. Williams was:
Portrait of G. A. AguilarG. A. Aguilar
G. A. Aguilar was:
Portrait of Cece Neber LabaoCece Neber Labao
Henry Finch's Secretary
Cece Neber Labao was:
Portrait of Saxon TrainorSaxon Trainor
Alice's Secretary
Saxon Trainor was:
Portrait of Sage AllenSage Allen
Grouchy Nurse
Sage Allen was:
Portrait of Joanna SanchezJoanna Sanchez
Nurse - Roosevelt Hospital
Joanna Sanchez was:
Portrait of Andrew LaurenAndrew Lauren
Andrew Lauren was:
Portrait of Danny SmithDanny Smith
Danny Smith was:
Portrait of Sean Patrick ThomasSean Patrick Thomas
Surveillance Operator
Sean Patrick Thomas was:
Portrait of Al CerulloAl Cerullo
Helicopter Pilot
Al Cerullo was:
Portrait of Dean WintersDean Winters
Dean Winters was:
Portrait of Rick HoffmanRick Hoffman
Night Security - Federal Building
Rick Hoffman was:
Portrait of Peter JacobsonPeter Jacobson
Surveillance Operator
Peter Jacobson was:
Portrait of Troy GarityTroy Garity
Troy Garity was:
Portrait of Bert RemsenBert Remsen
Alice's Father
Bert Remsen was:
Portrait of J. Mills GoodloeJ. Mills Goodloe
Jonas' Aide
J. Mills Goodloe was:
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