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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of 16 Blocks

16 Blocks

Release Date: Wednesday, March 1 2006 (16 years ago)
Portrait of Bruce WillisBruce Willis
Jack Mosley
Bruce Willis was:
Portrait of Yasiin BeyYasiin Bey
Eddie Bunker
Yasiin Bey was:
Portrait of David MorseDavid Morse
Frank Nugent
David Morse was:
Portrait of Jenna SternJenna Stern
Diane Mosley
Jenna Stern was:
Portrait of David ZayasDavid Zayas
Robert Torres
David Zayas was:
Portrait of Casey SanderCasey Sander
Captain Dan Gruber
Casey Sander was:
Portrait of Cylk CozartCylk Cozart
Jimmy Mulvey
Cylk Cozart was:
Portrait of Robert RackiRobert Racki
Jerry Shue
Robert Racki was:
Portrait of Patrick GarrowPatrick Garrow
Patrick Garrow was:
Portrait of Sasha RoizSasha Roiz
Sasha Roiz was:
Portrait of Conrad PlaConrad Pla
Conrad Pla was:
Portrait of Hechter UbarryHechter Ubarry
Hechter Ubarry was:
Portrait of Richard FitzpatrickRichard Fitzpatrick
Deputy Commissioner Wagner
Richard Fitzpatrick was:
Portrait of Peter McRobbiePeter McRobbie
Mike Sheehan
Peter McRobbie was:
Portrait of Robert ClohessyRobert Clohessy
Robert Clohessy was:
Portrait of Tig FongTig Fong
Tig Fong was:
Portrait of David SparrowDavid Sparrow
Holding Cell Officer
David Sparrow was:
Portrait of Beatriz YusteBeatriz Yuste
Subway Commuter
Beatriz Yuste was:
Portrait of Danny LimaDanny Lima
Danny Lima was:
Portrait of Angela SetoAngela Seto
Chinese Wife
Angela Seto was:
Portrait of Rob WiethoffRob Wiethoff
Court Officer
Rob Wiethoff was:
Portrait of Paul TuerpePaul Tuerpe
Diane's Boyfriend
Paul Tuerpe was:
Portrait of Sam MosesSam Moses
Bus Passenger
Sam Moses was:
Portrait of Talia RussoTalia Russo
Young Bride
Talia Russo was:
Portrait of Steve KahanSteve Kahan
Resturant Owner
Steve Kahan was:
Portrait of Richard DonnerRichard Donner
Man Holding a Birthday Cake (uncredited)
Richard Donner was:
Portrait of Willie WongWillie Wong
Delivery Man (uncredited)
Willie Wong was:
Portrait of Kim ChanKim Chan
Kim Chan was:
Portrait of Paul J.Q. LeePaul J.Q. Lee
Asian Store Owner
Paul J.Q. Lee was:
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