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España, la primera globalización

España, la primera globalización

Release Date: 2021-10-15 (0 years ago)
Antonio Valero
Self - Narrator (voice)
Antonio Valero was:
Carmen Iglesias Cano
Self - RAE Director
Carmen Iglesias Cano was:
Nigel Townson
Self - Historian
Nigel Townson was:
Marcelo Gullo
Self - Writer
Marcelo Gullo was:
Stanley G. Payne
Self - Historian
Stanley G. Payne was:
Rubén García Benito
Self - Musician
Rubén García Benito was:
Ricardo Andrés Uribe
Self - Historian
Ricardo Andrés Uribe was:
Ricardo García Cárcel
Self - Historian
Ricardo García Cárcel was:
Carlos Martínez Fernández
Self - Historian
Carlos Martínez Fernández was:
Carlos Adrián López Ramos
Self - Friar
Carlos Adrián López Ramos was:
Juan José Morales
Self - Writer
Juan José Morales was:
Martín Ríos Saloma
Self - Historian
Martín Ríos Saloma was:
Natalia Denisova
Self - Historian
Natalia Denisova was:
Ramón Tamames
Self - Economist
Ramón Tamames was:
Miguel Ángel Ladero
Self - Historian
Miguel Ángel Ladero was:
Pedro Insua Rodríguez
Self - Writer
Pedro Insua Rodríguez was:
Patricio Lons
Self - Journalist
Patricio Lons was:
Elvira Roca Barea
Self - Writer
Elvira Roca Barea was:
Carlos Enrique Díaz Urbina
Self - Friar
Carlos Enrique Díaz Urbina was:
Luis Ribot
Self - Historian
Luis Ribot was:
Manuel Lucena Giraldo
Self - Historian
Manuel Lucena Giraldo was:
Luo Huiling
Self - Historian
Luo Huiling was:
Manuel Gómez Lara
Self - Philologist
Manuel Gómez Lara was:
Catalina Font
Self - Fund. Casa Serra Secretary
Catalina Font was:
Gijs van der Ham
Self - Rijksmuseum Curator
Gijs van der Ham was:
Ignacio Gómez de Liaño
Self - Writer
Ignacio Gómez de Liaño was:
Enriqueta Vila Vilar
Self - Historian
Enriqueta Vila Vilar was:
Jaime Contreras Contreras
Self - Historian
Jaime Contreras Contreras was:
Juan Carlos Rey
Self - Former EU Ambassador
Juan Carlos Rey was:
José María Moreno Martín
Self - Cartographer
José María Moreno Martín was:
Fernando García de Cortázar
Self - Historian
Fernando García de Cortázar was:
Ferran Adrià
Self - Chef
Ferran Adrià was:
Abigail Horro Rodríguez
Self - Musician
Abigail Horro Rodríguez was:
Adelaida Segarra
Self - Historian
Adelaida Segarra was:
Alfonso Guerra
Self - Former Politician
Alfonso Guerra was:
Blas Sierra de la Calle
Self - Museo Oriental Director
Blas Sierra de la Calle was:
Antonio García Abasolo
Self - Historian
Antonio García Abasolo was:
Ana María Carabias
Self - Historian
Ana María Carabias was:
Alicia Relinque
Self - Sinologist
Alicia Relinque was:
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