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Poster of The Babe Ruth Story

The Babe Ruth Story

Release Date: Thursday, September 16 1948 (74 years ago)
Portrait of William BendixWilliam Bendix
George Herman 'Babe' Ruth
William Bendix was:
Portrait of Claire TrevorClaire Trevor
Claire Hodgson Ruth
Claire Trevor was:
Portrait of Charles BickfordCharles Bickford
Brother Matthias
Charles Bickford was:
Portrait of Sam LeveneSam Levene
Phil Conrad
Sam Levene was:
Portrait of William FrawleyWilliam Frawley
Jack Dunn
William Frawley was:
Portrait of Gertrude NiesenGertrude Niesen
Nightclub Singer
Gertrude Niesen was:
Portrait of Fred LightnerFred Lightner
Miller Huggins
Fred Lightner was:
Portrait of Stanley ClementsStanley Clements
Western Union Boy
Stanley Clements was:
Portrait of Robert EllisRobert Ellis
Babe Ruth as a Boy (as Bobby Ellis)
Robert Ellis was:
Portrait of Lloyd GoughLloyd Gough
Gambler Dalton
Lloyd Gough was:
Portrait of Matt BriggsMatt Briggs
Colonel Jacob Ruppert
Matt Briggs was:
Portrait of Paul CavanaghPaul Cavanagh
Dr. Menzies
Paul Cavanagh was:
Portrait of Warren DouglasWarren Douglas
Boston Braves' Rookie
Warren Douglas was:
Portrait of Pat FlahertyPat Flaherty
Bill Carrigan, Red Sox Manager
Pat Flaherty was:
Portrait of Mark KoenigMark Koenig
Mark Koenig
Mark Koenig was:
Portrait of Richard LaneRichard Lane
Boston Braves' coach
Richard Lane was:
Portrait of Ziggy SearsZiggy Sears
Umpire Ziggy Sears
Ziggy Sears was:
Portrait of Bucky HarrisBucky Harris
Bucky Harris - Baseball Player
Bucky Harris was:
Portrait of Harry WismerHarry Wismer
Harry Wismer - Sports Announcer
Harry Wismer was:
Portrait of Mel AllenMel Allen
Mel Allen - New York Yankees Radio Announcer
Mel Allen was:
Portrait of H.V. KaltenbornH.V. Kaltenborn
H. V. Kaltenborn - Radio News Commentator
H.V. Kaltenborn was:
Portrait of Knox ManningKnox Manning
Knox Manning was:
Portrait of Al BainAl Bain
Barfly (uncredited)
Al Bain was:
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