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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Mad at the World

Mad at the World

Release Date: Friday, May 13 1955 (67 years ago)
Portrait of Frank LovejoyFrank Lovejoy
Police Capt. Tom Lynn
Frank Lovejoy was:
Portrait of Keefe BrasselleKeefe Brasselle
Sam Bennett aka Bill Holland
Keefe Brasselle was:
Portrait of Cathy O'DonnellCathy O'Donnell
Anne Bennett
Cathy O'Donnell was:
Portrait of Karen SharpeKaren Sharpe
Karen Sharpe was:
Portrait of Stanley ClementsStanley Clements
Marty aka Ignatz
Stanley Clements was:
Portrait of Paul BryarPaul Bryar
Matt, Police Detective
Paul Bryar was:
Portrait of Paul DubovPaul Dubov
Jamie Allison
Paul Dubov was:
Portrait of James DelgadoJames Delgado
James Delgado was:
Portrait of Joe TurkelJoe Turkel
Pete Johnson (as Joseph Turkel)
Joe Turkel was:
Portrait of Aaron SpellingAaron Spelling
Willie Hanson
Aaron Spelling was:
Portrait of Terence de MarneyTerence de Marney
Pop (as Terence DeMarny)
Terence de Marney was:
Portrait of Estes KefauverEstes Kefauver
Himself, Pre-Title Prologue (as Senator Estes Kefauver)
Estes Kefauver was:
Portrait of Maidie NormanMaidie Norman
Miss Lovett
Maidie Norman was:
Portrait of Joe BesserJoe Besser
Gas Station Attendant
Joe Besser was:
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