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Jet Job

Plot: Joe Kovak is a test pilot for military-aircraft designer Sam Bentley, who thinks of Joe as a son. A competing plane company is seeking the same Army contract as Bentley, and offers a $500 bonus to their publicity woman Marge Stevens if she can entice Joe into quitting Bentley to join their company
Release Date: Sunday, April 6 1952
71 years ago
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Portrait of Stanley ClementsStanley Clements
Joe Kovak
Stanley Clements was
25 in Jet Job.
Fri, Jul 16 1926 –
Fri, Oct 16 1981
Portrait of Elena VerdugoElena Verdugo
Elena Verdugo
Elena Verdugo was
26 in Jet Job.
Mon, Apr 20 1925 –
Tue, May 30 2017
Portrait of John LitelJohn Litel
Sam Bentley
John Litel was
59 in Jet Job.
Fri, Dec 30 1892 –
Thu, Feb 03 1972


Portrait of William BeaudineWilliam Beaudine
William Beaudine was
60 in Jet Job.
Thu, Jan 14 1892 –
Wed, Mar 18 1970
Portrait of Ben SchwalbBen Schwalb
Ben Schwalb was
>> in Jet Job.
Unknown Birthday