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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Fighting Trouble

Fighting Trouble

Release Date: Sunday, September 16 1956 (66 years ago)
Portrait of Huntz HallHuntz Hall
Sach Jones
Huntz Hall was:
Portrait of Stanley ClementsStanley Clements
Duke Covelske
Stanley Clements was:
Portrait of Adele JergensAdele Jergens
Mae Randle
Adele Jergens was:
Portrait of Joe DowningJoe Downing
Hal Lomax
Joe Downing was:
Portrait of Queenie SmithQueenie Smith
Miss Kate Kelly
Queenie Smith was:
Portrait of Thomas Browne HenryThomas Browne Henry
Frankie Arbo
Thomas Browne Henry was:
Portrait of Laurie MitchellLaurie Mitchell
Dolly Tate
Laurie Mitchell was:
Portrait of David GorceyDavid Gorcey
David Gorcey was:
Portrait of Tim RyanTim Ryan
Ray Vance
Tim Ryan was:
Portrait of John BleiferJohn Bleifer
Bates (uncredited)
John Bleifer was:
Portrait of William BoyettWilliam Boyett
Chips Conroy (uncredited)
William Boyett was:
Portrait of Paul BrinegarPaul Brinegar
Mailman (uncredited)
Paul Brinegar was:
Portrait of Benny BurtBenny Burt
Max Kling (uncredited)
Benny Burt was:
Portrait of Ann GriffithAnn Griffith
Hawaiian Girl (uncredited)
Ann Griffith was:
Portrait of Clegg HoytClegg Hoyt
McBride (uncredited)
Clegg Hoyt was:
Portrait of Michael RossMichael Ross
Fred Evans (uncredited)
Michael Ross was:
Portrait of Rick VallinRick Vallin
Vic Savinie (uncredited)
Rick Vallin was:
Portrait of Loreli VitekLoreli Vitek
Bit Role (uncredited)
Loreli Vitek was:
Portrait of Danny WeltonDanny Welton
Danny (uncredited)
Danny Welton was:
Portrait of Charles WilliamsCharles Williams
Smoggy Smith (uncredited)
Charles Williams was:
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