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Air Strike

Plot: Tasked with training a group of untested new recruits, a no-nonsense Navy commander faces a host of challenges as he attempts to transform the greenhorns into a squadron of crackerjack jet pilots. Don Haggerty co-stars as the unit's second-in-command who clashes bitterly with the cocky young upstart of the team after the lad shows off with some reckless aerial acrobatics
Release Date: Friday, May 6 1955
68 years ago
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Portrait of Richard DenningRichard Denning
Stanley Blair
Richard Denning was
41 in Air Strike.
Fri, Mar 27 1914 –
Sun, Oct 11 1998
Portrait of Don HaggertyDon Haggerty
Richard Huggins
Don Haggerty was
40 in Air Strike.
Fri, Jul 03 1914 –
Fri, Aug 19 1988
Portrait of James CourtneyJames Courtney
James Delaney
James Courtney was
>> in Air Strike.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of William HudsonWilliam Hudson
John Smith
William Hudson was
30 in Air Strike.
Sat, Jan 24 1925 –
Fri, Apr 05 1974
Portrait of Stanley ClementsStanley Clements
G. H. Alexander
Stanley Clements was
28 in Air Strike.
Fri, Jul 16 1926 –
Fri, Oct 16 1981
Portrait of Billy HalopBilly Halop
Orville Swanson
Billy Halop was
35 in Air Strike.
Wed, Feb 11 1920 –
Tue, Nov 09 1976
Portrait of Gloria JeanGloria Jean
Marg Huggins
Gloria Jean was
29 in Air Strike.
Wed, Apr 14 1926 –
Fri, Aug 31 2018
Portrait of John KirbyJohn Kirby
David Loring
John Kirby was
>> in Air Strike.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Alan WellsAlan Wells
Anthony Perini
Alan Wells was
29 in Air Strike.
Tue, Mar 23 1926 –
Sat, Jun 14 2008


Portrait of Cy RothCy Roth
Screenplay, Director, Story
Cy Roth was
43 in Air Strike.
Mon, Jan 01 1912 –
Wed, Jan 01 1969
Portrait of Max M. HutchinsonMax M. Hutchinson
Max M. Hutchinson was
50 in Air Strike.
Tue, Apr 04 1905 –
Fri, Jul 25 1975