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Poster of Omertà


Release Date: Wednesday, July 11 2012 (10 years ago)
Portrait of Michel CôtéMichel Côté
Pierre Gauthier
Michel Côté was:
Portrait of Patrick HuardPatrick Huard
Steve Bélanger
Patrick Huard was:
Portrait of Rachelle LefevreRachelle Lefevre
Rachelle Lefevre was:
Portrait of Stéphane RousseauStéphane Rousseau
Sam Cohen
Stéphane Rousseau was:
Portrait of René AngélilRené Angélil
Dominic Fagazi
René Angélil was:
Portrait of Michel DumontMichel Dumont
Gilbert Tanguay
Michel Dumont was:
Portrait of Paolo NoëlPaolo Noël
Tony Potenza
Paolo Noël was:
Portrait of Mélissa Désormeaux-PoulinMélissa Désormeaux-Poulin
Roxanne Gauthier
Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin was:
Portrait of Maxime DenomméeMaxime Denommée
Maxime Denommée was:
Portrait of Andreas ApergisAndreas Apergis
Andréa Manzoni
Andreas Apergis was:
Portrait of Alan FawcettAlan Fawcett
Gene Smith
Alan Fawcett was:
Portrait of Thai-Hoa LeThai-Hoa Le
Chang Lee
Thai-Hoa Le was:
Portrait of Sean LuSean Lu
Sean Lu was:
Portrait of Alain CadieuxAlain Cadieux
Guy Nault
Alain Cadieux was:
Portrait of Sylvain BeauchampsSylvain Beauchamps
Sylvain Beauchamps was:
Portrait of Michael D'AmicoMichael D'Amico
Michael D'Amico was:
Portrait of Michel C. AugerMichel C. Auger
Michel C. Auger was:
Portrait of Liliana KomorowskaLiliana Komorowska
Liliana Komorowska was:
Portrait of Yvan BenoîtYvan Benoît
Technicien resto
Yvan Benoît was:
Portrait of Pierre DroletPierre Drolet
Pierre Drolet was:
Portrait of Robert ReynaertRobert Reynaert
Gérant banque - Suisse
Robert Reynaert was:
Portrait of Judith BaribeauJudith Baribeau
Judith Baribeau was:
Portrait of Mathieu Lorain DignardMathieu Lorain Dignard
Chauffeur kidnapping
Mathieu Lorain Dignard was:
Portrait of Patrick KertonPatrick Kerton
Chauffeur policier
Patrick Kerton was:
Portrait of Ben GauthierBen Gauthier
Chauffeur policier
Ben Gauthier was:
Portrait of Derek SeguinDerek Seguin
Chauffeur fougon
Derek Seguin was:
Portrait of John WalshJohn Walsh
Chauffeur policier
John Walsh was:
Portrait of Michel MénardMichel Ménard
Chauffeur blindé
Michel Ménard was:
Portrait of Maurizio TerrazzanoMaurizio Terrazzano
Individu bar
Maurizio Terrazzano was:
Portrait of Joe ZambitoJoe Zambito
Individu louche
Joe Zambito was:
Portrait of Bruno Di NinnoBruno Di Ninno
Individu louche
Bruno Di Ninno was:
Portrait of Giovanni SabettaGiovanni Sabetta
Hommes de main
Giovanni Sabetta was:
Portrait of Antonio DicapuaAntonio Dicapua
Hommes de main
Antonio Dicapua was:
Portrait of Guido Grasso Jr.Guido Grasso Jr.
Homme à toute faire resto Bélanger
Guido Grasso Jr. was:
Portrait of Massimo PicarazziMassimo Picarazzi
Client bar Fagazi
Massimo Picarazzi was:
Portrait of Paul SaraPaul Sara
Client bar Fagazi
Paul Sara was:
Portrait of Kham Tri VixaysyKham Tri Vixaysy
Employé chinois
Kham Tri Vixaysy was:
Portrait of Serge BoulianneSerge Boulianne
Technicien surveiliance
Serge Boulianne was:
Portrait of Patrice GroleauPatrice Groleau
Complice de Pierre
Patrice Groleau was:
Portrait of Jean-François PorlierJean-François Porlier
Complice de Pierre
Jean-François Porlier was:
Portrait of Sébastien BeaulacSébastien Beaulac
Employé surveiliiance Pulsar
Sébastien Beaulac was:
Portrait of Vanessa MunozVanessa Munoz
Vanessa Munoz was:
Portrait of Andréanne TrottierAndréanne Trottier
Maquilleuse / babilleuse
Andréanne Trottier was:
Portrait of Anne BryanAnne Bryan
Anne Bryan was:
Portrait of Pierre GaudetPierre Gaudet
Pierre Gaudet was:
Portrait of Marcel JosephMarcel Joseph
Policier entrepôt
Marcel Joseph was:
Portrait of Yanik BoisvertYanik Boisvert
Policier entrepôt
Yanik Boisvert was:
Portrait of Filip PekackiFilip Pekacki
Policier entrepôt
Filip Pekacki was:
Portrait of Marc-André LordMarc-André Lord
Policier civil - Suisse
Marc-André Lord was:
Portrait of Stéphane PigeonStéphane Pigeon
Policier civil - Suisse
Stéphane Pigeon was:
Portrait of Richard ChampagneRichard Champagne
Policier civil - Canada
Richard Champagne was:
Portrait of Olivier LapointeOlivier Lapointe
Policier civil - Canada
Olivier Lapointe was:
Portrait of Denis PerrierDenis Perrier
Denis Perrier was:
Portrait of Stéphane CyrStéphane Cyr
Stéphane Cyr was:
Portrait of Pascal RichardPascal Richard
Pascal Richard was:
Portrait of Robert TessierRobert Tessier
Robert Tessier was:
Portrait of Stéphane DufaultStéphane Dufault
Stéphane Dufault was:
Portrait of Francis KrukowskiFrancis Krukowski
Francis Krukowski was:
Portrait of Shawn KempShawn Kemp
Shawn Kemp was:
Portrait of Patrick MilmorePatrick Milmore
Patrick Milmore was:
Portrait of Christian BertheletChristian Berthelet
Gardien fumeur prison
Christian Berthelet was:
Portrait of Stefanos HinoporosStefanos Hinoporos
Cuisinier maison Bélanger
Stefanos Hinoporos was:
Portrait of Ken ProulxKen Proulx
Serveur maison Bélanger
Ken Proulx was:
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