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Poster of To Kill a Cop

To Kill a Cop

Release Date: Monday, April 10 1978 (44 years ago)
Portrait of Joe Don BakerJoe Don Baker
Chief Earl M. Eischied
Joe Don Baker was:
Portrait of Desi Arnaz Jr.Desi Arnaz Jr.
Martin Delahanty
Desi Arnaz Jr. was:
Portrait of Christine BelfordChristine Belford
Agnes Cusack
Christine Belford was:
Portrait of Scott BradyScott Brady
Insp. James Gleason
Scott Brady was:
Portrait of George DiCenzoGeorge DiCenzo
Capt. Cornworth
George DiCenzo was:
Portrait of Eddie EganEddie Egan
Chief Ed Palmer
Eddie Egan was:
Portrait of Alan FudgeAlan Fudge
Ralph O'Connor
Alan Fudge was:
Portrait of Nathan GeorgeNathan George
Nathan George was:
Portrait of Rosey GrierRosey Grier
Albert Hoyt
Rosey Grier was:
Portrait of Julius HarrisJulius Harris
Det. Baker
Julius Harris was:
Portrait of Robert HooksRobert Hooks
Capt. Pete Rolfe
Robert Hooks was:
Portrait of Eartha KittEartha Kitt
Eartha Kitt was:
Portrait of Diana MuldaurDiana Muldaur
Diana Muldaur was:
Portrait of Alan OppenheimerAlan Oppenheimer
Capt. Finnerty
Alan Oppenheimer was:
Portrait of Milton SelzerMilton Selzer
Myron Klopfman
Milton Selzer was:
Portrait of Ken SwoffordKen Swofford
Lt. Fitzgerald
Ken Swofford was:
Portrait of David TomaDavid Toma
David Toma was:
Portrait of Joyce Van PattenJoyce Van Patten
Betty Eischied
Joyce Van Patten was:
Portrait of Patrick O'NealPatrick O'Neal
Police Commissioner
Patrick O'Neal was:
Portrait of Louis Gossett Jr.Louis Gossett Jr.
Everett Walker
Louis Gossett Jr. was:
Portrait of Ric ManciniRic Mancini
Mike Cusack
Ric Mancini was:
Portrait of Allen PriceAllen Price
Allen Price was:
Portrait of Kim DelgadoKim Delgado
Kim Delgado was:
Portrait of Gene WoodburyGene Woodbury
Mark D
Gene Woodbury was:
Portrait of Rod ColbinRod Colbin
Chief Emerson
Rod Colbin was:
Portrait of Rosalind MilesRosalind Miles
Rosalind Miles was:
Portrait of Maxwell GlanvilleMaxwell Glanville
J.J. Maxwell
Maxwell Glanville was:
Portrait of Sonny GrossoSonny Grosso
Sonny Grosso was:
Portrait of Joe MarossJoe Maross
Joe Maross was:
Portrait of Randy JurgensenRandy Jurgensen
Randy Jurgensen was:
Portrait of Walter MathewsWalter Mathews
City Editor
Walter Mathews was:
Portrait of Arthur RosenbergArthur Rosenberg
Lt. Pappas
Arthur Rosenberg was:
Portrait of Vernon WeddleVernon Weddle
Chief Duncan
Vernon Weddle was:
Portrait of Heshimu CumbukaHeshimu Cumbuka
Heshimu Cumbuka was:
Portrait of Borah SilverBorah Silver
Det. B.
Borah Silver was:
Portrait of Richelle WilliamsRichelle Williams
Richelle Williams was:
Portrait of Leon Isaac KennedyLeon Isaac Kennedy
Det. Abernathy
Leon Isaac Kennedy was:
Portrait of Maurice KowalewskiMaurice Kowalewski
Maurice Kowalewski was:
Portrait of Hettie Lynne HurtesHettie Lynne Hurtes
Martha Halleran
Hettie Lynne Hurtes was:
Portrait of Bill DeizBill Deiz
Bill Deiz was:
Portrait of Sylvester WordsSylvester Words
Sylvester Words was:
Portrait of James VeresJames Veres
James Veres was:
Portrait of James PurcellJames Purcell
Detective Lieutenant
James Purcell was:
Portrait of Terrence E. McNallyTerrence E. McNally
Uniformed Lieutenant
Terrence E. McNally was:
Portrait of Fil FormicolaFil Formicola
Detective #2
Fil Formicola was:
Portrait of Joe CirilloJoe Cirillo
Detective #1
Joe Cirillo was:
Portrait of Rob NarkeRob Narke
Rob Narke was:
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