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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Wild Child

Wild Child

Release Date: Friday, August 15 2008 (14 years ago)
Portrait of Emma RobertsEmma Roberts
Poppy Moore
Emma Roberts was:
Portrait of Alex PettyferAlex Pettyfer
Freddie Kingsley
Alex Pettyfer was:
Portrait of Natasha RichardsonNatasha Richardson
Mrs. Kingsley
Natasha Richardson was:
Portrait of Kimberley NixonKimberley Nixon
Kimberley Nixon was:
Portrait of Juno TempleJuno Temple
Jennifer 'Drippy' Logan
Juno Temple was:
Portrait of Johnny PacarJohnny Pacar
Johnny Pacar was:
Portrait of Linzey CockerLinzey Cocker
Linzey Cocker was:
Portrait of Aidan QuinnAidan Quinn
Gerry Moore
Aidan Quinn was:
Portrait of Georgia KingGeorgia King
Harriet Bentley
Georgia King was:
Portrait of Sophie WuSophie Wu
Sophie Wu was:
Portrait of Lexi AinsworthLexi Ainsworth
Molly Moore
Lexi Ainsworth was:
Portrait of Shelby YoungShelby Young
Shelby Young was:
Portrait of Shirley HendersonShirley Henderson
Shirley Henderson was:
Portrait of Nick FrostNick Frost
Mr. Christopher
Nick Frost was:
Portrait of Selina CadellSelina Cadell
Mrs. Loughton
Selina Cadell was:
Portrait of Daisy DonovanDaisy Donovan
Miss Rees-Withers
Daisy Donovan was:
Portrait of Ruby ThomasRuby Thomas
Ruby Thomas was:
Portrait of Jason WatkinsJason Watkins
Mr. Nellist
Jason Watkins was:
Portrait of Eleanor Turner-MossEleanor Turner-Moss
Eleanor Turner-Moss was:
Portrait of Maisie PrestonMaisie Preston
'Wow' Girl
Maisie Preston was:
Portrait of Tommy KijasTommy Kijas
Tommy Kijas was:
Portrait of Sonia RockwellSonia Rockwell
Sonia Rockwell was:
Portrait of Kelsey SandersKelsey Sanders
Kelsey Sanders was:
Portrait of Katelyn PacittoKatelyn Pacitto
Twin #1
Katelyn Pacitto was:
Portrait of Kara PacittoKara Pacitto
Twin #2
Kara Pacitto was:
Portrait of Vanessa BranchVanessa Branch
Vanessa Branch was:
Portrait of Hallie EisenbergHallie Eisenberg
Hallie Eisenberg was:
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