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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Flight of the Innocent

Flight of the Innocent

Release Date: 1992-10-09 (28 years ago)
Manuel Colao
Manuel Colao was:
Federico Pacifici
Federico Pacifici was:
Francesca Neri
Marta Rienzi
Francesca Neri was:
Jacques Perrin
Davide Rienzi
Jacques Perrin was:
Salvatore Borgese
Vito's Father
Salvatore Borgese was:
Anita Zagaria
Vito's Mother
Anita Zagaria was:
Giusi Cataldo
Giusi Cataldo was:
Nicola Di Pinto
Nicola Di Pinto was:
Beppe Chierici
Don Silvio
Beppe Chierici was:
Paolo De Giorgio
Paolo De Giorgio was:
Lucio Zagaria
Lucio Zagaria was:
Massimo Lodolo
Massimo Lodolo was:
Isabelle Mantero
Isabelle Mantero was:
Severino Saltarelli
Scarface's Driver
Severino Saltarelli was:
Gianfranco Barra
Gianfranco Barra was:
Giovanni Pallavicino
Vito's Grandfather
Giovanni Pallavicino was:
Anna Lelio
Vito's Grandmother
Anna Lelio was:
Silvio Anselmo
Silvio Anselmo was:
Marcello Arnone
Marcello Arnone was:
Alessandro Pess
Alessandro Pess was:
Alberto Capone
Alberto Capone was:
Nanni Coppola
Nanni Coppola was:
Adriana De Guilmi
Adriana De Guilmi was:
Paolo Fiorino
Paolo Fiorino was:
Raffaele Gangale
Raffaele Gangale was:
Béatrice Kruger
Béatrice Kruger was:
Fabrizio Mastracchi Manes
Fabrizio Mastracchi Manes was:
Dario Natale
Dario Natale was:
Luigi Rinaldi
Luigi Rinaldi was:
Marcello Scuderi
Marcello Scuderi was:
Alessandro Stefanelli
Alessandro Stefanelli was:
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