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Poster of June Night

June Night

Release Date: Wednesday, April 3 1940 (82 years ago)
Portrait of Ingrid BergmanIngrid Bergman
Kerstin Norbäck
Ingrid Bergman was:
Portrait of Gunnar SjöbergGunnar Sjöberg
Nils Asklund
Gunnar Sjöberg was:
Portrait of Olof WidgrenOlof Widgren
Stefan von Bremen
Olof Widgren was:
Portrait of Marianne LöfgrenMarianne Löfgren
Åsa, nurse
Marianne Löfgren was:
Portrait of Lill-Tollie ZellmanLill-Tollie Zellman
Jane Jacobs
Lill-Tollie Zellman was:
Portrait of Marianne AminoffMarianne Aminoff
Nickan Dahlin
Marianne Aminoff was:
Portrait of Gabriel AlwGabriel Alw
Professor Tillberg
Gabriel Alw was:
Portrait of Olof WinnerstrandOlof Winnerstrand
Olof Winnerstrand was:
Portrait of Sigurd WallénSigurd Wallén
"Röken" Johansson-Eldh
Sigurd Wallén was:
Portrait of Hasse EkmanHasse Ekman
Willy Wilson
Hasse Ekman was:
Portrait of Maritta MarkeMaritta Marke
Miss Vanja
Maritta Marke was:
Portrait of Gudrun BrostGudrun Brost
Mrs. Nilsson
Gudrun Brost was:
Portrait of John BotvidJohn Botvid
John Botvid was:
Portrait of Karin SwanströmKarin Swanström
Mrs. Cronsiöö
Karin Swanström was:
Portrait of Carl StrömCarl Ström
Dr. Berggren
Carl Ström was:
Portrait of Alf KjellinAlf Kjellin
Alf Kjellin was:
Portrait of Mona Geijer-FalknerMona Geijer-Falkner
Nils Asklund's landlady
Mona Geijer-Falkner was:
Portrait of Gunnar BjörnstrandGunnar Björnstrand
Gunnar Björnstrand was:
Portrait of Nina ScennaNina Scenna
Nina Scenna was:
Portrait of Sol-Britt AgerupSol-Britt Agerup
Sol-Britt Agerup was:
Portrait of Gunnar AlmqvistGunnar Almqvist
Man in the Courtroom
Gunnar Almqvist was:
Portrait of Sven-Göran AlwSven-Göran Alw
Young Man
Sven-Göran Alw was:
Portrait of Margareta BergmanMargareta Bergman
Margareta Bergman was:
Portrait of Hugo BolanderHugo Bolander
Hugo Bolander was:
Portrait of Millan BolanderMillan Bolander
Courtroom Nurse
Millan Bolander was:
Portrait of Ernst BrunmanErnst Brunman
Ernst Brunman was:
Portrait of Jean ClaessonJean Claesson
Police Clerk
Jean Claesson was:
Portrait of Nils DahlgrenNils Dahlgren
Shop Assistant at NK
Nils Dahlgren was:
Portrait of David EriksonDavid Erikson
David Erikson was:
Portrait of Erik ForslundErik Forslund
Erik Forslund was:
Portrait of Hjördis GilleHjördis Gille
Woman in the Courtroom
Hjördis Gille was:
Portrait of Nils JacobssonNils Jacobsson
The Count's Chauffeur
Nils Jacobsson was:
Portrait of Albert JohanssonAlbert Johansson
Albert Johansson was:
Portrait of Britta LarssonBritta Larsson
Britta Larsson was:
Portrait of Allan LinderAllan Linder
Shoemaker's Son
Allan Linder was:
Portrait of Richard LundRichard Lund
Richard Lund was:
Portrait of Wilma MalmlöfWilma Malmlöf
Woman in the Courtoom
Wilma Malmlöf was:
Portrait of Karin NordgrenKarin Nordgren
Karin Nordgren was:
Portrait of Werner OhlsonWerner Ohlson
Waiting Patient
Werner Ohlson was:
Portrait of Tom OlssonTom Olsson
'Svenne' - Patient
Tom Olsson was:
Portrait of Charley PatersonCharley Paterson
Charley Paterson was:
Portrait of Astrid SvedmannAstrid Svedmann
Woman in the Courtroom
Astrid Svedmann was:
Portrait of Ivar WahlgrenIvar Wahlgren
Ivar Wahlgren was:
Portrait of Anna-Stina WåglundAnna-Stina Wåglund
Mother at the Hospital
Anna-Stina Wåglund was:
Portrait of Nils WhitenNils Whiten
Nils Whiten was:
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