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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Labyrinth of Cinema

Labyrinth of Cinema

Release Date: 2019-11-01 (1 year ago)
Takuro Atsuki
Mario Baba
Takuro Atsuki was:
Yoshihiko Hosoda
Yoshihiko Hosoda was:
Takahito Hosoyamada
Takahito Hosoyamada was:
Rei Yoshida
Rei Yoshida was:
Takako Tokiwa
Yuriko Tachibana
Takako Tokiwa was:
Hirona Yamazaki
Kazuko Yoshiyama
Hirona Yamazaki was:
Riko Narumi
Kazumi Saito
Riko Narumi was:
Tetsuya Takeda
Ryoma Sakamoto
Tetsuya Takeda was:
Nenji Kobayashi
Nenji Kobayashi was:
Yukihiro Takahashi
Yukihiro Takahashi was:
Kayoko Shiraishi
Old Woman at Ticket Office
Kayoko Shiraishi was:
Toshinori Omi
Kondo Isamu
Toshinori Omi was:
Kiyotaka Nanbara
Noh Dancer
Kiyotaka Nanbara was:
Tsurutaro Kataoka
Sen no Rikyu
Tsurutaro Kataoka was:
Tokio Emoto
Shintaro Nakaoka
Tokio Emoto was:
Takehiro Murata
Saigo Takamori
Takehiro Murata was:
Goro Inagaki
Toshimichi Okubo
Goro Inagaki was:
Yoshikazu Ebisu
Serizawa Duck
Yoshikazu Ebisu was:
Tadanobu Asano
Tadanobu Asano was:
Ayumi Ito
Yoshiko Kawashima
Ayumi Ito was:
Tôru Shinagawa
Musashi Miyamoto
Tôru Shinagawa was:
Wakaba Irie
Wakaba Irie was:
Hiroyuki Watanabe
Fukao Asano
Hiroyuki Watanabe was:
Makoto Tezuka
Film Director (Ozu)
Makoto Tezuka was:
Isshin Inudô
Film Director (Yamanaka)
Isshin Inudô was:
Toshie Negishi
Toshie Negishi was:
Yuri Nakae
Yuri Nakae was:
Takashi Sasano
Kaya's Boss / Conductor / Sokoban A
Takashi Sasano was:
Soujiro Hongo
Private Takigami/Sergeant (Japanese Army Garrison) Mail
Soujiro Hongo was:
Maiko Kawakami
Aihime (Chinese Woman in the Waterfall)
Maiko Kawakami was:
Shinnosuke Mitsushima
Kameshiro Kamiji
Shinnosuke Mitsushima was:
Yoshiyuki Omori
Kamekichi Kinjo (Village Mayor)
Yoshiyuki Omori was:
Eri Watanabe
Setsuko Miyaji
Eri Watanabe was:
Shunsuke Kubozuka
Maruyama Sadao
Shunsuke Kubozuka was:
Keishi Nagatsuka
Boy's Father
Keishi Nagatsuka was:
Saki Terashima
Boy's Mother
Saki Terashima was:
Hiroshi Inuzuka
Customer Happily Dozing at the Cinema
Hiroshi Inuzuka was:
Mickey Curtis
Mickey Curtis was:
Nobuhiko Ōbayashi
The Mysterious Old Pianist / The Director John
Nobuhiko Ōbayashi was:
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