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Poster of Yasen kangofu

Yasen kangofu

Release Date: Tuesday, July 14 1953 (69 years ago)
Portrait of Yoko MinakazeYoko Minakaze
Yukiko Koshima
Yoko Minakaze was:
Portrait of Shoji NakayamaShoji Nakayama
Sergeant Nemoto
Shoji Nakayama was:
Portrait of Keiko OriharaKeiko Orihara
Keiko Onda
Keiko Orihara was:
Portrait of Chikako MiyagiChikako Miyagi
Mitsue Mita
Chikako Miyagi was:
Portrait of Koji TsurutaKoji Tsuruta
Navy Lieutenant Yamamoto
Koji Tsuruta was:
Portrait of Michitarō MizushimaMichitarō Mizushima
Michitarō Mizushima was:
Portrait of Susumu FujitaSusumu Fujita
Susumu Fujita was:
Portrait of Tōru AbeTōru Abe
Sergeant Aoki
Tōru Abe was:
Portrait of Hiroshi OgasawaraHiroshi Ogasawara
Hiroshi Ogasawara was:
Portrait of Tatsuya IshiguroTatsuya Ishiguro
Tatsuya Ishiguro was:
Portrait of Ureo EgawaUreo Egawa
Ureo Egawa was:
Portrait of Chieko SekiChieko Seki
Nurse Okiyama
Chieko Seki was:
Portrait of Kakuko MurataKakuko Murata
Mitsue's mother
Kakuko Murata was:
Portrait of Shuntarô EmiShuntarô Emi
Shuntarô Emi was:
Portrait of Hiroshi AyukawaHiroshi Ayukawa
Hiroshi Ayukawa was:
Portrait of Ichiro KodamaIchiro Kodama
Ichiro Kodama was:
Portrait of Shonosuke SawamuraShonosuke Sawamura
Shonosuke Sawamura was:
Portrait of Shin TakemuraShin Takemura
Shin Takemura was:
Portrait of Yōji MisakiYōji Misaki
Yōji Misaki was:
Portrait of Shunji KuboShunji Kubo
Shunji Kubo was:
Portrait of Reiko OtaniReiko Otani
Reiko Otani was:
Portrait of Yoshiko SakuramachiYoshiko Sakuramachi
Yoshiko Sakuramachi was:
Portrait of Hiromi KawaguchiHiromi Kawaguchi
Hiromi Kawaguchi was:
Portrait of Eiko OharaEiko Ohara
Eiko Ohara was:
Portrait of Kikuko HanaokaKikuko Hanaoka
Kikuko Hanaoka was:
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