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Poster of Submarine Ro Hasn't Surfaced

Submarine Ro Hasn't Surfaced

Release Date: Tuesday, July 13 1954 (68 years ago)
Portrait of Susumu FujitaSusumu Fujita
Susumu Fujita was:
Portrait of Shoji NakayamaShoji Nakayama
Shoji Nakayama was:
Portrait of Setsuko MiyukiSetsuko Miyuki
Setsuko Miyuki was:
Portrait of Hiroshi OgasawaraHiroshi Ogasawara
Hiroshi Ogasawara was:
Portrait of Toshio HosokawaToshio Hosokawa
Toshio Hosokawa was:
Portrait of Yoshiro KatagiriYoshiro Katagiri
Yoshiro Katagiri was:
Portrait of Toranosuke OgawaToranosuke Ogawa
Toranosuke Ogawa was:
Portrait of Minoru TakadaMinoru Takada
Minoru Takada was:
Portrait of Kumeko UrabeKumeko Urabe
Kumeko Urabe was:
Portrait of Katsuko WakasugiKatsuko Wakasugi
Katsuko Wakasugi was:
Portrait of Kikuko HanaokaKikuko Hanaoka
Kikuko Hanaoka was:
Portrait of Kakuko MurataKakuko Murata
Kakuko Murata was:
Portrait of Mitsuko YoshikawaMitsuko Yoshikawa
Mitsuko Yoshikawa was:
Portrait of Yōji MisakiYōji Misaki
Yōji Misaki was:
Portrait of Hiromi OgitaHiromi Ogita
Hiromi Ogita was:
Portrait of Masaru KodakaMasaru Kodaka
Masaru Kodaka was:
Portrait of Hiroshi AyukawaHiroshi Ayukawa
Hiroshi Ayukawa was:
Portrait of Shonosuke SawamuraShonosuke Sawamura
Shonosuke Sawamura was:
Portrait of Tatsuhiro OkaTatsuhiro Oka
Tatsuhiro Oka was:
Portrait of Kazuki NishiKazuki Nishi
Kazuki Nishi was:
Portrait of Yukio KohamaYukio Kohama
Yukio Kohama was:
Portrait of Yôzô TakamuraYôzô Takamura
Yôzô Takamura was:
Portrait of Tetsurō TambaTetsurō Tamba
Tetsurō Tamba was:
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