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Poster of Nangoku taiheiki

Nangoku taiheiki

Release Date: Wednesday, August 11 1937 (85 years ago)
Portrait of Denjirō ŌkōchiDenjirō Ōkōchi
Shimazu Nariakira / Masumitsu Kyunosuke
Denjirō Ōkōchi was:
Portrait of Yataro KurokawaYataro Kurokawa
Yataro Kurokawa was:
Portrait of Sōji KiyokawaSōji Kiyokawa
Sōji Kiyokawa was:
Portrait of Yônosuke TobaYônosuke Toba
Yônosuke Toba was:
Portrait of Kokuten KōdōKokuten Kōdō
Zusho Shozaemon
Kokuten Kōdō was:
Portrait of Kichijirô UedaKichijirô Ueda
Shimazu Narioki
Kichijirô Ueda was:
Portrait of Ryutaro NagaiRyutaro Nagai
Ryutaro Nagai was:
Portrait of Sumiyoshi YamadaSumiyoshi Yamada
Nagoya Genta
Sumiyoshi Yamada was:
Portrait of Eitarō ShindōEitarō Shindō
Maki Chutaro
Eitarō Shindō was:
Portrait of Taizō FukamiTaizō Fukami
Taizō Fukami was:
Portrait of Saburō SawaiSaburō Sawai
Saburō Sawai was:
Portrait of Yasuhiro OkaYasuhiro Oka
Yasuhiro Oka was:
Portrait of Sakio YamaguchiSakio Yamaguchi
Sakio Yamaguchi was:
Portrait of Takeo NagashimaTakeo Nagashima
Takeo Nagashima was:
Portrait of Kyōzo FuyukiKyōzo Fuyuki
Kyōzo Fuyuki was:
Portrait of Heikuro ImanariHeikuro Imanari
Heikuro Imanari was:
Portrait of Tokiichiro OsakiTokiichiro Osaki
Tokiichiro Osaki was:
Portrait of Fumimaro TakamatsuFumimaro Takamatsu
Fumimaro Takamatsu was:
Portrait of Jojiro KudoJojiro Kudo
Jojiro Kudo was:
Portrait of Shinkuro MasamuneShinkuro Masamune
Shinkuro Masamune was:
Portrait of Zenichiro KitoZenichiro Kito
Zenichiro Kito was:
Portrait of Shonosuke SawamuraShonosuke Sawamura
Shimazu Hisamitsu
Shonosuke Sawamura was:
Portrait of Yo ShiomiYo Shiomi
Yo Shiomi was:
Portrait of Chieko TakehisaChieko Takehisa
Chieko Takehisa was:
Portrait of Ranko HanaiRanko Hanai
Tsunade, Hachirota's daughter
Ranko Hanai was:
Portrait of Kyoko SuzumuraKyoko Suzumura
Nanase, Hachirota's wife
Kyoko Suzumura was:
Portrait of Junko SatsukiJunko Satsuki
Junko Satsuki was:
Portrait of Kimiko SakuramachiKimiko Sakuramachi
Kimiko Sakuramachi was:
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