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Poster of Iemitsu and Hikoza

Iemitsu and Hikoza

Release Date: Wednesday, March 26 1941 (81 years ago)
Portrait of Kazuo HasegawaKazuo Hasegawa
Kazuo Hasegawa was:
Portrait of Roppa FurukawaRoppa Furukawa
Okubo Hikozaemon Tadataka
Roppa Furukawa was:
Portrait of Yataro KurokawaYataro Kurokawa
Matsudaira Izu-no-kami Nobutsuna
Yataro Kurokawa was:
Portrait of Yônosuke TobaYônosuke Toba
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Yônosuke Toba was:
Portrait of Yo ShiomiYo Shiomi
Priest Tenkai
Yo Shiomi was:
Portrait of Hideo SaekiHideo Saeki
Hideo Saeki was:
Portrait of Sōji KiyokawaSōji Kiyokawa
Honda Kozuke-no-suke Masazumi
Sōji Kiyokawa was:
Portrait of Atsushi WatanabeAtsushi Watanabe
Sasao Kinai
Atsushi Watanabe was:
Portrait of Naritoshi HayashiNaritoshi Hayashi
Tokugawa Takechiyo
Naritoshi Hayashi was:
Portrait of Unpei YokoyamaUnpei Yokoyama
Sakai Saemon-no-jo Ietsugu
Unpei Yokoyama was:
Portrait of Taizō FukamiTaizō Fukami
Doi Ooi-no-kami Toshikatsu
Taizō Fukami was:
Portrait of Takashi KodakaTakashi Kodaka
Takashi Kodaka was:
Portrait of Ko YamamuroKo Yamamuro
Date Masamune
Ko Yamamuro was:
Portrait of Takeshi ShimodaTakeshi Shimoda
Ii Kamon-no-kami
Takeshi Shimoda was:
Portrait of Kyōzo FuyukiKyōzo Fuyuki
Iemitsu's retainer
Kyōzo Fuyuki was:
Portrait of Juro HoshiJuro Hoshi
Okubo Kaga-no-kami
Juro Hoshi was:
Portrait of Shonosuke SawamuraShonosuke Sawamura
Shonosuke Sawamura was:
Portrait of Isamu EtoIsamu Eto
Isamu Eto was:
Portrait of Toshi KomoriToshi Komori
Iemitsu's retainer
Toshi Komori was:
Portrait of Kanjiro NakamuraKanjiro Nakamura
Iemitsu's retainer
Kanjiro Nakamura was:
Portrait of Shin ÔsugiShin Ôsugi
Iemitsu's retainer
Shin Ôsugi was:
Portrait of Daihachiro TakebayashiDaihachiro Takebayashi
Iemitsu's retainer
Daihachiro Takebayashi was:
Portrait of Fumimaro TakamatsuFumimaro Takamatsu
Fumimaro Takamatsu was:
Portrait of Takeo NagashimaTakeo Nagashima
Takeo Nagashima was:
Portrait of Fukumatsu NakamuraFukumatsu Nakamura
Fukumatsu Nakamura was:
Portrait of Eijirô KawaiEijirô Kawai
Eijirô Kawai was:
Portrait of Mitsue NaritaMitsue Narita
Mitsue Narita was:
Portrait of Kimiko SakuramachiKimiko Sakuramachi
Shirabyoshi Sakurako
Kimiko Sakuramachi was:
Portrait of Sachiko ChibaSachiko Chiba
Lady Kasuga
Sachiko Chiba was:
Portrait of Murasaki FujimaMurasaki Fujima
Lady Shizuka
Murasaki Fujima was:
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