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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Tokyo Drifter

Tokyo Drifter

Release Date: 1966-04-10 (55 years ago)
Tetsuya Watari
Tetsuya "Phoenix Tetsu" Hondo
Tetsuya Watari was:
Chieko Matsubara
Chieko Matsubara was:
Tamio Kawachi
Tatsuzo the Viper
Tamio Kawachi was:
Hideaki Nitani
Kenji Aizawa
Hideaki Nitani was:
Eiji Gō
Eiji Gō was:
Tochiko Hamakawa
Tochiko Hamakawa was:
Takeshi Yoshida
Takeshi Yoshida was:
Isao Tamagawa
Isao Tamagawa was:
Eimei Esumi
Eimei Esumi was:
Ryuji Kita
Ryuji Kita was:
Michio Hino
Michio Hino was:
Shuntaro Tamamura
Shuntaro Tamamura was:
Hiroshi Midorigawa
Hiroshi Midorigawa was:
Hiroshi Chō
Hiroshi Chō was:
Kosuke Hisamatsu
Kosuke Hisamatsu was:
Shinzô Shibata
Shinzô Shibata was:
Yuzo Kiura
Yuzo Kiura was:
Yû Izumi
Detective Sakai
Yû Izumi was:
Ikuo Nikaido
Ikuo Nikaido was:
Masaaki Honme
Masaaki Honme was:
Shiro Tonami
Shiro Tonami was:
Wataru Kobayashi
Wataru Kobayashi was:
Mitsuru Sawa
Mitsuru Sawa was:
Iwae Arai
Iwae Arai was:
Yôko Yokota
Yôko Yokota was:
Hiroshi Takao
Hiroshi Takao was:
Kiyoshi Ôba
Kiyoshi Ôba was:
Tessen Nakahira
Tessen Nakahira was:
Ken Mizoguchi
Ken Mizoguchi was:
Tadayuki Kitagami
Tadayuki Kitagami was:
Tsuyoshi Izumi
Tsuyoshi Izumi was:
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