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Release Date: 1934-01-22 (87 years ago)
John Boles
Carl Hausmann
John Boles was:
Gloria Stuart
Lucy Tarrant Hausmann
Gloria Stuart was:
Morgan Farley
Eric Hausmann
Morgan Farley was:
Ruth Hall
Patricia Sedley
Ruth Hall was:
Albert Conti
Baron Franz von Hausmann
Albert Conti was:
Dorothy Peterson
Baroness Irene von Hausmann
Dorothy Peterson was:
Edmund Breese
Maj. Tarrant
Edmund Breese was:
Louise Carter
Mrs. Tarrant
Louise Carter was:
Anderson Lawler
Tom Rountree
Anderson Lawler was:
Richard Carle
Judge B. T. Belden
Richard Carle was:
Lucile Gleason
The Duchess
Lucile Gleason was:
Mae Busch
Mae Busch was:
Jimmy Butler
Charles Hausmann, as a boy
Jimmy Butler was:
Eddie Woods
Charles Hausmann
Eddie Woods was:
Oscar Apfel
Henry Burrows
Oscar Apfel was:
Jane Mercer
Jane Mercer was:
Lester Lee
Carl, age 10
Lester Lee was:
Mickey Rooney
Tommy, a Violin Student
Mickey Rooney was:
Holmes Herbert
Lord Landslake
Holmes Herbert was:
Lucille La Verne
Mrs. Briggs
Lucille La Verne was:
Mary Gordon
Mrs. O'Leary
Mary Gordon was:
Wallis Clark
Wallis Clark was:
Josef Swickard
Josef Swickard was:
James Flavin
James Flavin was:
Bessie Barriscale
Mrs. Walkins
Bessie Barriscale was:
Bobbe Arnst
The Dancer
Bobbe Arnst was:
Fred Kelsey
Fred Kelsey was:
Otto Hoffman
Otto Hoffman was:
George Ernest
Eric, as a Boy
George Ernest was:
Cosmo Kyrle Bellew
Cosmo Kyrle Bellew was:
King Baggot
Second Doctor
King Baggot was:
Sherwood Bailey
Tom, as a Boy
Sherwood Bailey was:
William H. Strauss
Jewish Father
William H. Strauss was:
Neysa Nourse
Neysa Nourse was:
Peggy Terry
Peggy Terry was:
Clara Blandick
Miss Murfee
Clara Blandick was:
Margaret Mann
Countess von Brandenburg
Margaret Mann was:
C. Montague Shaw
Alexander Talbot
C. Montague Shaw was:
Walter Brennan
Stuttering Boarder
Walter Brennan was:
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