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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Pretty One

The Pretty One

Release Date: Friday, February 7 2014 (8 years ago)
Portrait of Zoe KazanZoe Kazan
Laurel / Audrey
Zoe Kazan was:
Portrait of Jake JohnsonJake Johnson
Jake Johnson was:
Portrait of Ron LivingstonRon Livingston
Ron Livingston was:
Portrait of Danny PudiDanny Pudi
Dr. Rao
Danny Pudi was:
Portrait of Sterling BeaumonSterling Beaumon
Sterling Beaumon was:
Portrait of John Carroll LynchJohn Carroll Lynch
John Carroll Lynch was:
Portrait of Frankie ShawFrankie Shaw
Frankie Shaw was:
Portrait of Sabrina LloydSabrina Lloyd
Sabrina Lloyd was:
Portrait of Jeremy HowardJeremy Howard
Jeremy Howard was:
Portrait of Shae D'LynShae D'Lyn
Shae D'Lyn was:
Portrait of Bronwyn CorneliusBronwyn Cornelius
Perfect Mom
Bronwyn Cornelius was:
Portrait of Patrick BreenPatrick Breen
Perfect Dad
Patrick Breen was:
Portrait of Stuart LittlefieldStuart Littlefield
Perfect Boy
Stuart Littlefield was:
Portrait of Rosa Yelena SchorrRosa Yelena Schorr
Perfect Girl
Rosa Yelena Schorr was:
Portrait of Luka JonesLuka Jones
Luka Jones was:
Portrait of Dale RaoulDale Raoul
Mrs. Shoemacher
Dale Raoul was:
Portrait of Mark KellyMark Kelly
Mark Kelly was:
Portrait of Jennifer LafleurJennifer Lafleur
Jennifer Lafleur was:
Portrait of Devan LeosDevan Leos
Funeral Boy #1
Devan Leos was:
Portrait of William KronfeldWilliam Kronfeld
Funeral Boy #2
William Kronfeld was:
Portrait of Luke ColomberoLuke Colombero
Luke Colombero was:
Portrait of Tyler NunesTyler Nunes
Halloween Kid
Tyler Nunes was:
Portrait of Joey FernandesJoey Fernandes
Halloween Kid
Joey Fernandes was:
Portrait of Vincent CastroVincent Castro
Halloween Kid
Vincent Castro was:
Portrait of Luke TrujilloLuke Trujillo
Halloween Kid
Luke Trujillo was:
Portrait of Isiah GreeneIsiah Greene
Halloween Kid
Isiah Greene was:
Portrait of Zeve ZilberbergZeve Zilberberg
Halloween Kid
Zeve Zilberberg was:
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