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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Wrong Side of Town

Wrong Side of Town

Release Date: Tuesday, February 23 2010 (12 years ago)
Portrait of Rob Van DamRob Van Dam
Bobby Kalinowsky
Rob Van Dam was:
Portrait of Dave BautistaDave Bautista
Big Ronnie 'B.R.'
Dave Bautista was:
Portrait of Lara GriceLara Grice
Lara Grice was:
Portrait of Randal ReederRandal Reeder
Randal Reeder was:
Portrait of Ja RuleJa Rule
Ja Rule was:
Portrait of Louis HerthumLouis Herthum
Louis Herthum was:
Portrait of Ross BritzRoss Britz
Ethan Bordas
Ross Britz was:
Portrait of Edrick BrowneEdrick Browne
Clay Freeman
Edrick Browne was:
Portrait of Ava Knighten SantanaAva Knighten Santana
Elise Freeman
Ava Knighten Santana was:
Portrait of Stormy DanielsStormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels was:
Portrait of Jerry KatzJerry Katz
Seth Bordas
Jerry Katz was:
Portrait of Brooke FrostBrooke Frost
Brooke Frost was:
Portrait of Nelson Frazier Jr.Nelson Frazier Jr.
Nelson Frazier Jr. was:
Portrait of Damon LipariDamon Lipari
Damon Lipari was:
Portrait of Scott L. SchwartzScott L. Schwartz
Scott L. Schwartz was:
Portrait of David DeFalcoDavid DeFalco
David DeFalco was:
Portrait of Marrese CrumpMarrese Crump
Marrese Crump was:
Portrait of OmarionOmarion
Omarion was:
Portrait of QuessQuess
Quess was:
Portrait of Ramar JenkinsRamar Jenkins
Big Dog
Ramar Jenkins was:
Portrait of Carsten H. W. LorenzCarsten H. W. Lorenz
Cab Driver
Carsten H. W. Lorenz was:
Portrait of Anthony Michael FrederickAnthony Michael Frederick
Detective Hernandez
Anthony Michael Frederick was:
Portrait of Gabriela OstosGabriela Ostos
Abusive Woman
Gabriela Ostos was:
Portrait of J. Omar CastroJ. Omar Castro
J. Omar Castro was:
Portrait of Christine BentlyChristine Bently
Christine Bently was:
Portrait of Sam MedinaSam Medina
Latino Gang Leader (uncredited)
Sam Medina was:
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